Friday, May 26, 2006


While not a major story on Romney, Reuters published an article today that outlines the Massachusetts state budget for 2007. Amongst other things including a minimum wage increase, a tax cut referendum passed in 2000 was reinstated due to a positive outlook on the state finances. The state income tax rate was lowered in the 2000 referendum from 5.95% to 5.0%, but later frozen due to fiscal problems. Now the legislature has agreed to allow it to be lowered to 5% over the next three years. Not suprisingly, Romney called for this tax cut.

Several points can be inferred from this. First of all, would the fiscal condition of the state budget been in a condition for this tax cut had Romney not been governor? Probably not. Second, would a Democrat been likely to push for a tax cut? Probably not. Third, this is yet another sign that Romney can get conservative agendas through a partisan legislature.


Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

He better veto that increase in the minimum wage . . . They will override his veto . . . but Romney cannot go down as being on board with putting Massachussetts as the highest minimum wage in the nation!

One of Romney's strongest selling points is his personal business background and his pro-business politics. He needs to maintain that if he's going to keep this key group of supporters who are great contributers.

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