Tuesday, June 27, 2006


And can you blame him? Yesterday Romney vetoed $225 million in pet projects from two Mass. state spending bills.

These items included:

1. Victorian Street lighting in Melrose ($200,000)

2. A gazebo for Braintree ($100,000- thats an expensive gazebo!)

3. Study for the internal combustion engine ($4,000,000- isn't that Ford's job?)

4. Money for the Hyannis Athletic Association ($75,000 well I guess Ted Kennedy is a little portly!)

Of course, the liberal legislature has vowed to overide his veto. Afterall, what good is goverment if we cant have Victorian lighting and a gazebo? Of course Romney said it best:

"I think Victorian street lighting is delightful, and I'm sure Melrose would benefit from it. But I don't understand why the state of Massachusetts should select one city or town for Victorian street lighting and not all the rest."

Whoever said pork was fair?

Well apparently wastfull spending is part of understanding the needs of the state- according to State Representative Bosley. The Glode articled (linked earlier in this blog) had this quote:

``He's been to Kuwait City more than he's been to North Adams," said Representative Daniel E. Bosley , a North Adams Democrat, who was upset that Romney had vetoed $50,000 for the Mohawk Theater in North Adams. ``I just don't think he understands how these kinds of things stimulate the local economy."

I dont think Rep. Bosley understands the role of private dollars play in Theaters. Please show me which Founding Father attributed a govermental role in old delapitated theater rehabbing?

Is that all he could come up with? Romney went to Iraq, so therefore pork spending is ok? Oh well, Mass., you can resume Pork spending when Romney leaves to be POTUS.


Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

Romney definitely knows how to "cut the pork". I think that POTUS needs a line-item veto for spending bills to be able to cut the pork and restore fiscal discipline to the presidency.

Great post!

1:14 PM  

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