Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Cool Crowd

Well now I know why I am attracted to Romney- He is part of the cool crowd.

This peice from Human Events online is interesting to say the least. The author opines on Romney's acceptance in the D.C. G.O.P. cool crowd. He's unconvinced if this is good news though:

Make no mistake about it. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is quickly becoming the GOP "establishment" candidate for president in 2008. And that may not be such a great thing...

...having this officially unofficial group behind you -- the cadre of conservative kingmakers that I like to call the "Too Cool for School Group" -- can also prove a recipe for success.

I guess from reading the article they have backed campaigns that haven't gone anywhere a couple times but most have been winners.

First, a little background on what I mean by the "Republican establishment." In the 1960s, this clique was known as the Rockefeller Republicans. In 1976, they were the big money and political influence behind incumbent President Gerald Ford's successful effort to fend off a challenge by Ronald Reagan. In 1980, this same group split. Some backed John Connelly and others George H.W. Bush. But few if any of them were on the team of the man who would emerge victorious that year and become an icon -- Reagan.

OK, be fair. Who picks a winner every time?

After this the author gives some good insider info on Romney:

Nowadays, I can certainly see why this powerful force in GOP politics is attracted to Mitt Romney. I spent time with the governor recently. I found him to be well-spoken, attractive and versed in many of the issues that public opinion surveys reveal as near and dear to the hearts of voters.

A prime example is his aggressive approach to health care. He advocates an innovative method that would provide both more freedom for and accountability from Americans

It looks good for Romney, the man is an endless mindspring of innovative ideas. The name recognition factor is not anywhere near where it should be, but over the last couple weeks he's become more of a househould name.

One friend of mine didn't know who Romney was when I informed him of my blog. When I told him Mitt was the governor of Massachusetts he said, "Oh him! I heard about him. He is that governor kicking butt with all that Boston Constrution stuff." (One word was ommited from this sentence and replaced!)

I've had several Democrat friends say they are interested in him too. Not because of any specific policy, but because he is man who can fix things in an honest manner, something we don't see much of in Illinois.

So who is this cool crowd? Don't know, I was kicked out of their association in 6th grade after making fun of some of them at lunch. But I can tell you this: this time they've got their thinking caps on.


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