Thursday, August 10, 2006

What You Always Dreamed Of...

After Clinton, most Americans were left with a rotten taste in their mouth for public figures. Actually, most pulic figures actions taste like rotten milk on a hot day. Just today Robin Williams checked into Rehab for Alcholism. I chuckled when his publicist stated Williams "Found himself drinking again." Found Himself? Was it a surprise? Did someone get inside his body and start drinking for him?

Our nations political leaders have an even higher obligation than an actor who dresses up like an alien and sleeps in a huge egg. For instance, it's common knowledge that sexual activity rose among teenagers after Bill and Monica were exposed. Our nation took a bigger shot to its ego after Watergate. When our elected officials can't live with integrity, we take it to heart.

This Blog makes a compelling case for Romney's stellar leadership being part of a greater picture: his character. They use his own marriage to make this point. Why should they not? That is a good mans first responsibilty.

As Stephan Covey would teach, at the heart of every decision is your moral center. If it is week, so will be your desicions. If you moral center allows you to cheat on your spouse, it will undoubtedly lead to cheating in other areas. Your morals are the marrow of your decisoins skeletal system.

The ending of the previously mentioned Blog sums it up for Romney:

We are being frank when we say we respect Mitt Romney. Why? He comes from a distinguished political family. His roots are in politics and he has the present advantage of being the Governor of Massachusetts in a race where, historically, more Governors than Senators have ascended to the Presidency.

Mr. Romney is pro family, pro life, and pro traditional marriage. He has been married to the same fine woman for over 30 years, throughout which no scandal has ever been connected to his name or position. Mr. Romney does not deliver double-talk. This is a man who looks you straight in the eye, speaks without hesitation, and delivers his own honest responses. He speaks from his heart with a confidence that comes from years of experience and knowledge of his subject.

What has allowed Romney to be so successful has little to do with ability. His intellect and skills have been indespesible in all his achievments, yet at the heart of Romney's success is his moral alliance to honesty and integrity. Hence when we support Romney, we are not onoly supporting an innovative thinker and consensus builder, but also some who will be a powerful moral compass, someone we can put our trust in.


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