Saturday, May 27, 2006


Stanford Review editor Carl J. Kelm has an online article titled "A Ship Without a Captain: A survey of possible Republican presidential candidates for 2008."

Kelm provides and insightful look at each republican canidates weaknesses and strengths. On Romney he aptly points out that he is far ahead of the other canidates as far as governors are concerned. Of course he raises the mormon/evangelical point, that will become nauseating as time goes by...

One peice of misinformation he raises that others have raised to me personally is the penalty on small buisness the Health Care plan in Massachusetts contains. While it's true that it exists, it should be noted that Romney vetoed that along with the requirement for small buisness to carry both Dental and Eye insurance. Actually he made 5 vetoes in all. All vetoes were overridden by the Democratic State Legislature. These facts should be remembered when criticisms are waged.

I sent a kind email to Kelm reminding him of these vetoes.


Blogger myclob said...

Great article. Thanks for the e-mail telling me you had a new one... That is one thing that I like about groups is that you get allerted when there is a new post...

Did you know you can create an e-mail list, that will post an e-mail to multiple places?

That way you can post on your blog and other groups at the same time...

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