Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Mitt Romney has made the largest donation to SCfamily.org . This group has made a large effort towards helping pass a marriage Ammendment in South Carolina.

An interesting article (from a liberal-gay website) provided a fun read. There was a great quote in it from a group that is fighting the ammendment:

Asha Leong, the campaign manager for the Fairness for All Families Campaign which is fighting the proposed amendment says that Romney should butt out of South Carolina state affairs.

"The thing is that South Carolinians want to hear from other Southerners and other people from South Carolina about what this is going to mean in our daily lives,"

I love quotes like this. Do they really think anyone buys this? Is Leong really trying to say that the Gay Marriage issue should be decided by the voice of the people from South Carolina? That's pretty ironic since the whole gay marriage agenda has focused on using the courts to overrule public opinion.

Further more her quote sounds like someone who is afraid of the influence a voice like Romney will have in S.C. This is a subtle compliment to Romney, showing he is taken more seriously by folks in the South than his opponents would like.


Blogger Nathan said...

It's great that he is taken such a national leadership role on this issue.


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