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I recieved an email chastising me for my last post on Robin Williams. I just wanted to say that my comments were meant to argue that there is a lack of personal responsibity amongst public figures. Williams publicist quote seemed to me to be indicative of this. Obviously we all have personal problems and we all fall short. I was not knocking his alcholism, but rather the comment.

Also the article about leading presidential candidates offended some also. Sorry. I write this blog to keep others up on the current Romney buzz. This article shows a distinction in Romney that seperates him from the rest, his marriage. It is worth discussing. I think it is something to be applauded. I realize being remarried does not preclude one from being a good person, and being married your whole life does not make you so.

If you have any problems with this feel free to write me or comment. I am only in this to help Romney and I am sure I will make a couple mistakes. All blogs by myself are my personal opinion, I am not paid nor promised future pay for doing this.



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I go into the issue a little here....

Tell me what you think...

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Today polygamy isn’t a threat to women, however being dumped by your husband once he becomes more successful and you have given him your best years, had his kids, and sacrificed your career, that is a threat.

We all know the righteousness of a leader greatly affects what is acceptable in the country.

Both McCain and Giuliani have had pretty ugly affairs. Not to say that they have nothing to contribute, but in the cultural wars we need someone who we can hold up as good examples for our children. Someone who represents the best of America’s values. If the religious right after all the bitching about how morally reprehensible it was for Clinton to have an affair with an intern, nominates someone who broke his marital vows… you know, what hypocrites..

Hillary vs. McCain

Victim of an extra marital affair against the perpetrator of marital affairs.

Winner, Hillary Clinton the Innocent Victim…

Hillary vs. Giuliani

See Above…

Hillary Vs Mitt

Woman’s-libber in name only who stayed with a husband for power, vs. a husband who exhibits a marriage relationship that we can all learn from.

A woman’s liber in name who stayed in a sham marriage in a 60s style attempt to redefine the traditional family, and secure for herself increased political power vs a faithful husband of 30 plus years, father of 5, and ____ grandchildren…

Hillary thinks she is offering a good rolemodle. When asked why she worked as a lawyer when Bill made enough money, she said, “what do you want me to do, stay at home and bake cookies?” Well she never sacrificed anything for Bill, and we all know Bill never sacrificed anything for her. What a great role model couple we should just keep electing to office!

She thinks her sham marriage, being shackled to a womanizing looser who never heard of the world morality, offers an empowering option for women? Give me Ann Romney instead…

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