Monday, August 21, 2006

Local Illinois Election Coverage

This commentary is brought to us by Don Castella, Chairman of the Vernon Township GOP. It concerns an article in the Daily Herald about a questionable pork expenditure from a candidate up for election, Terry Link. Link's (D-30th district) state senatorial spot is being challenged by Charles Fitzgerald this November. There is a link to the Vernon Township sight in the right sidebar. And if you can-Support Charles!

I found Russell Lissau’s August 18 article, “Cook library gets surprise $500,000 gift”, amusing but troubling. While a politician passing out money to local institutions in an election year is hardly surprising, it is troubling.

The current budget imbalance in Illinois is due primarily to profligate spending by the Blagojevich administration and Democrat-controlled General Assembly. The General Assembly approved this bloated spending on party line votes with majority Democrats voting to increase both spending and Illinois spiraling debt load.

I found it humorous that the article pointed out “The source of the $500,000 hasn’t been determined”. My wild guess is that the money for this 'gift' is coming from taxpayers.

Given the Democrat administration’s penchant for raiding public pension funds, special funds, and highway funds to balance their Enron-style accounting system, one must wonder how many generations of Illinois taxpayers will be paying for this ‘surprise gift’. I suspect the real surprise will come in the form of higher tax bills that further erode Illinois competitive position in the global economy and hamper job growth.

This ‘gift’ may prove to be more of a curse if the tax money helps create more needless duplication of overhead and administrative costs for library services in Libertyville and Vernon Hills. Will this largesse make these two communities even more beholden to future Democrat handouts?

While Sen. Link and Rep. Ryg ponder how many votes this election-year gimmick might buy them, we taxpayers can ponder the certainty of higher tax bills for both ourselves and future generations.

Don Castella
Lincolnshire, IL


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