Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why do I like Romney?

Well, it's a family affair.

I get asked a lot why I like Romney so much. Well, here is one more reason, I am supporting a family tradition (on my wifes side!)

As many know Mitt's dad George ran for President in 1968. My wifes grandparents Fred and Elsie Busselberg were supporters of his. They lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the time, a short drive from Detroit. On January 20 1968 they hosted an open house for the Governor at their home on 2950 N. 46th street.

These are the pics from the event:

In this pic is Fred and Elsie on the left and Romney in the Middle. On the right is Elsie's mother Caroline Tegtmeier. The writing on the photo is a little illegible but we think it says,"To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Busselberg, Thanks for your house quarters. Best wishes always. Your Brother, George Romney."

This Next pic is of Mrs. Romney on the left with Fred on Elsie on the Right standing in front of their home with a campaign sign in the Window. (Maybe Mitt could do a sign that says, "Romney- great for 2008")

This begs the question, what do these little guys below have going for them besides being the cutest kids in Chicagoland?

They are born Romney lovers!


Blogger Jeff Fuller said...


Cool stuff! A very interesting family tradition (albeit though marriage). Keep up the good work!

3:54 PM  

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