Saturday, August 26, 2006

Romney the Man of the Night in MI

Saul Anuzis is the state chair of the Michigan GOP. He posts a regular daily post on Redstate entitled: "MI Morning Update." In today's post he said this about Romney,

Governor Mitt Romney, who chairs the Republican Governors Association, hosted a “pizza and politics” party for all the attendees. He took the time to talk with many as he thanked all for their work and stressed how important it was to elect Dick DeVos as our next Governor. Governor Romney was clearly the “hit” of Friday night. He worked the convention hall and his tent reception like a classic “candidate”.

While participating in the “round robins” with all our statewide candidates, Romney pitched his role as the Republican Governors Association chair and the importance of electing Dick DeVos our next Governor. Here is where “we Republican Governors” stand on the issues and this is why it’s important that you elect Dick DeVos as your next Governor…and with out saying a word, his “signal” for ’08 was lout and clear

It's great to see the GOP state chair in MI being so positive about Romney, it definitly will bode well.


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