Thursday, October 12, 2006

Romney Giving Money to Topinka

On his trip here to Chicago Romney said that the RGA will be giving more money to Topinka's efforts, especially after the news of Blagojevich's findraisor being indicted.

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, was in Chicago Wednesday and said before the indictment was unsealed that the group had given Topinka $250,000 and that the number would grow.

LaHood said after Romney heard about the indictment, he said he would try to bring in another $700,000.

Topinka, meanwhile, offered herself as the choice for voters fed up with corruption in Illinois.

"If you've got a constituency that once again wants to believe in government and the governor, they've got a choice, a good choice," she said at a fundraiser in Lincoln.

For more information regarding this read here.


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