Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cotton Candy For the Masses

Sen. Obabma (D-IL) our homestate senator was busy serving political cotton candy to the masses today in Iowa. Townhall had these quotes:

"I am happy to have a national security debate with the Republican Party," Obama said Saturday during his second visit in two weeks to Iowa, which traditionally opens the presidential nominating season. "What we need is a tough and smart national security agenda."

Obama said Democrats must stand up to Republicans' strategy of portraying them as weak on national security. He said Republicans "have a lock on the tough and dumb strategy" that Democrats must expose.

"We can't afford to be bullied because there's too much at stake," Obama said. "The only strategy the other side has is fear. That's what you're seeing and you're going to see more of it."

It has been my contention that Obama has been nothing more than a Cotton Candy Candidate. Since I first saw him in one of the most laughable psuedo-debates on WTTW with Alan Keyes I came to the conclusion the only thing this guy had to offer was his humble begginings story and a glass of lemonade. He certainly had no plan or original idea.

Take for instance his speech to at the Democratic Convention in '04. Can anyone tell me what it was about? I don't think Obama could tell me what it was about.

Now we have Obama reciting lines from Twisted Sister, yelling "We're not gonna take it!" But, what are his ideas? All I know is that he won't be bullied. But not only does offer no plan for the war on terror, he offers no plan for not being bullied on the War on Terror.

To quote Baracky again,

"The only strategy the other side has is fear. That's what you're seeing and you're going to see more of it."

Should we not fear the terrorists? I think there is room for a healthy amount of fear. If we had no fear, we wouldn't mind them. Obviously we do mind them, so fear is neccessary. But this is not one for the guy who's platform is "Hope" and "Hope."

I "hope" people see Obama for what he is.

And I am sure that people will see Romney for who he is. Most understand that we need thinkers, innovators and action men in office. We don't need dreamers and arm chair quarter backs. Do we really need a smiley face without a clue? I think we need the smiley face with good noggin behind it.


Blogger Corben said...

Should we fear the terrorists? No. I but we should be aware of the danger they present and take precautions. We don't need to be blind to danger but that doesn't mean we must fear it.

Keep up the great work Jason. Just because we don't always agree doesn't mean your not one awsome guy, and almost always right on target.

9:25 PM  
Blogger jason said...

Well I guess it's just semantics. I think that we all have some bit of fear of a terrorist attack, or else it might not be such a priority.

thanks for the compliments.

11:00 PM  

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