Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Robert E. Moffit, director of the Center for Health Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation, wrote a column in the Washington Times concerning RomneyCare. He outlines two key parts of the health care plan. 1. The "connector" end of the package which allows individuals to choose there own health care and 2. Restructuring of the state goverments spending of money towards health care services.

Perhaps the point to be brought out in this peice, besides the great summary of the details, is this quote:

Massachusetts is a very liberal state, governed by heavy levels of regulation and control. Critics of the Massachusetts health care reform say that it doesn't go far enough in deregulating the health system, and they oppose the near universal coverage through government mandates to buy health insurance. Regardless of their political views, the rest of America should not overlook Massachusetts' innovations in health insurance market and financing reform. In the more conservative states, with greater opportunities to cut costly red tape, the possibilities for more far reaching free market health reform could be revolutionary.

Many are critical of this plan as it does not conform nearly enough to their sense of small goverment. What should be noted are the situational realities Romney deals with in liberal Massachusetts. He has a choice, to be pragmatic and get things accomplished, or be hardlined conservative and stop all progress in the blueist of blue states. As Moffit stated, hopefully this plan will be a model that other more conservative states can take their cues from and tinker with to an outcome of their liking.

As for Romney, he has been on the forefront of the medical debate, showing that his fresh perspective is what some of our age old national debates need.In a short period of a few years he has done more to advance medical reform than Hillary has in her 20+ years on the seen. Showing that HillaryCare lacked the inovational genius that only someone of Romney's caliber can provide


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