Friday, July 21, 2006

Daves Top Ten

I got this of I thought it would be somewhat appropriate.

Dave Lettermans "Top Ten Good Things About Having A Dog As Governor"

10. Can easily diffuse a tense situation by rolling over and playing dead
9. Want a bill passed? Scratch his head
8. Only sexual scandal is with the leg of the couch
7. You get novelty deck of cards featuring state's most wanted fleas and ticks
6. First governor to wear a choke collar since McGreevey
5. All businesses closed during Westminster dog show
4. When he sticks his head out of the motorcade window, gives the impression he's a dog of the people
3. Would chase more tail than Clinton. Hello? Is this thing on?
2. Fun to watch him sniff visiting dignitaries
1. Easier to understand than Schwarzenegger


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