Friday, July 21, 2006

Romney helps MI GOP

Romney's Commonwealth PAC today pledged $120,000 to every county and district party in Michigan. Undoubtedly good news. Saul Anuzis posted this on Redstate.

Anuzis is the Chairman of the MI state Republican party. Anuzis is a one time important figure in the Sterling Foundation which is the consultant firm which is handling Romney's campaign in Michigan. From what I can tell Anuzis is somewhat active in promoting Romney in his state.

Romney is pulling out all the stops in MI which is what is needed. For more info on Romney in MI and the state politics a great article on it can be found here.

Email me ( for a copy of the press release. I was able to obtain a copy from Mr. Anuzis. It's a PDF copy of a fax and I dont know how to post it.


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