Friday, July 21, 2006

Romney In Charge

A very interesting read the Boston Globe about Romney under pressure. Generally the article shines a positive light on Romney's ability to work under pressure.

One great Romney quote:
Reminded by reporters that critics are questioning the independence of the Big Dig inspectors, he shot back: ``I'm not quite sure who they have in mind as independent agencies, other than someone from Mars."

I loved that one.

But the real whizbanger:

Squinting into the afternoon sun alongside the I-90 connector at a press availability on Monday, Reilly looked every inch the prosecutor as he announced investigators had uncovered a dispute that arose years ago about whether the bolt system was safe.

As soon as he stopped speaking, the reporters cried in chorus: ``Can you be more specific?"

``Not at this point," he said soberly. ``Not at this point."

The contrast with Romney is striking, said Joseph Tecce, a professor of psychology at Boston College who analyzed clips of Romney and Reilly with the sound off.

Tecce found that Reilly blinked his eyes about 80 times per minute, 2 1/2 times the normal rate, suggesting that the attorney general ``is very, very stressed," Tecce said.

Romney, on the other hand, blinked about 30 times a minute, Tecce said, at the low end of the normal range, suggesting ``that he was in control of the situation, that he felt comfortable in what he was saying."

Note to Anti-Romneyites: I am not advocating basing your vote on the blinking style of a candidate.


Blogger pschoeny said...

I noticed this Globe article too - a very telling and almost comical observation by the Professor on nervousness and the absence thereof with Romney.

I'm sure the McCains of the world are very aware that if Mitt gets any kind of a toe-hold on the primary race - they are in big trouble.

If we can just get him into the televised debates he'll win-over Americans by the droves.

It will be interesting to see how people view McCain after he stands next to Romney for a couple of hours.

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