Friday, July 14, 2006

Mitts Contract with America?

There was a post on Red State recently discussing the possibility that Newt would run for President in 08.

In the Newsweek article refrenced the reporter asked “I imagine some of your decision will be based on who else runs?”

Newt Responded by saying, ”It will actually be based on who picks up the ideas. It's much more about a movement and a set of ideas. We're going to offer all these ideas, all this material to everybody. And if somebody else can put together a movement, that's fine. I also hope that we can in 2007, I would really like to see the Republican party offer to the Democratic party to hold a series of bipartisan conversations rather than the usual political bitterness and actually spend 2007 talking about what kind of country should be.”

So who out there is putting together a “movement”. In a recent article Mitt spells out what his goals would be in office. To me they are remenicent of the Contract with America. I'll list them in short.

Raising the bar on education
Extending health insurance to all Americans
Stopping runaway spending
Getting immigration right
Achieving energy independence
Simplifying the tax system
Investing in technology
Defeating the jihadists
Competing with Asia
Affirming America's culture and values

I think any vacuum is filled. Mitt has already set the stage for discussion and who better to bring the issues to the democrats.

Written by me: Corben


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