Friday, July 14, 2006


Well this isn't Romney's spine, but according to one pundit, Romney is getting some back bone. To this I would say he has always had it.

While this article is written by a liberal columnist, it's an interesting look into the Big-Dig debacle in Boston and how it's affecting Romney. While I definitly don't mean to overshadow the tragic death from this weeks catastrophe, there are definitly political implications from the Big Dig which will affect the 08 elections.

Columnist Peter Reull has never ben a big fan of Romney he cites his social policies as huge divide between himself and the governor. Yet Romney's tough walk regarding the Big Dig has been an encouraging sign that Romney is a person of conviction. This isn't a surpris to I4M, we have known it all along.

Until now Reull has felt that Romney was nothing more than a polished suit:

It's not that Romney has been wooden for the last three-plus years. Far from it. It's that he's been not simply a politician, but the ultimate politician.

He had the tan, the teeth and the perfectly coiffed hair to make him maybe the most image-ready pol this side of JFK. And let's face it, when he took his shirt off, the dude was buff.

He was the candidate suburban soccer moms fantasized about spending a night with, and suburban NASCAR dad wanted to hang out with, because maybe he'd invite us to go jet-skiing on Winnipesaukee

Pretty clever.

I will say in criticism of Reull that perhaps he would have written this article long ago if he was conservative. It's tough for a liberal to credit to a conservative for conservative convictions. I also found it interesting that when Reull lists politicians with a spine he names only Democratics or Moderats. I guess he felt Bush's reaction to 9-11 was spineless. Or that Romney's stand against the MA supreme court held no conviction.

Well in anycase, we probably won't see Reull voting for Romney by the looks of his ideology, but we can rest assured that Romney is steadly showing the public his backbown has got some marrow.


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