Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who among the Republicans are ready to face Hillary?

As I think about the future 2008 election and consider what the republicans are going to face I feel more and more that Mitt is the right candidate for the Job. Among the Democrats who is most prepared for the election? I think that with the media’s love affair with Hillary, her name recognition, war chest, and loyalty to the Clinton name, Hillary has a good chance of being the nominee for the Democrats.

So with this said who do we put up against her in the General Election? I think my answer is obvious considering where I am posting but let’s look at this critically.

1. Mitt has a camera presence no other candidate on the Republican side can match
If we want someone who can beat Hillary on a televised debate this is critical. It will also help overcome Hillary’s instant name recognition.
2. Mitt passed a conservative version of universal health care.
I can’t wait till this comes up comes up in a debate…. Something like Where is the Universal health care your husband promised and you were put in charge of? In Massachusetts we have a working system.


3. In a general election Romney though conservative can appeal to moderates.
4. He is a great executive. He can tout his experience as an executive. Where as Hillary has only been a legislator.
5. With rampant spending he can distinguish himself from members of both parties as being fiscally responsible.
6. He is a leader. He is optimistic, visionary, and promotes confidence. When questions about the war arises who do you see as being the Commander in Chief among his rivals? Not since Reagan has the Republicans had a candidate that inspires optimism in the future and confidence in America like Romney does.
7. Mitt has shown himself to be able to handle crisis. This is an attribute necessary for the highest office in the Untied States.

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Let our vote go to the man who can bring fiscal responsibility and optimism back to the Republican Party.

Since I’m new to this blog let me introduce myself.

My name is Corben Rice. I live in Champaign IL with my wife and 4 children. I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Chemical Engineering. I currently work as a Chemist. Since my background is not English or some other liberal arts please forgive my grammar. I read Jason’s bio and I think I have to take exception to his music choices. Cold play? Bach? Come on. How bout some Vivaldi or Dido. I think this is something we won’t be able to agree on.

I am excited about Mitt because I think he is the first candidate in along time that can lead America with optimism and Vision. He reminds me of Regan and that is why I support him.


Blogger RomneyWA said...

Hey Corben, it's nice to know there's more bloggers out there. I couldn't agree with your points more, I think the 2008 election will really play to Gov. Romney's strenghts. Great picture of Hillary BTW, Hillarious.

6:52 PM  
Blogger jason said...

Vilvadi and Dido? Sorry I am too big of a fan of 17th century counterpoint j/k.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

Great entry piece into the Romney Blogosphere!

I agree that Romney shreds Hillary. She's tough as nails and will have the MSM pulling for her strongly.

I'm more worried about the Dems wisening up and getting a Warner or Obama as their candidate. That would make it a whole other debate.

Keep up the good work!

5:04 PM  
Blogger Corben said...

Your right other candidates might be a little harder. Obama has a decent chance now since there is allot of buzz about him and people don't realize how liberal he really is yet. He may run if Durbin shows no interest but since he has made no overtures yet I don't think so.

Warner may be a challenge. Edwards might be as well. My guess though is a Clinton or a Feingold is more likely. I think that liberals are pushing Dems further left for example look at what is happening to Lieberman and he isn’t exactly real moderate.

6:57 PM  

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