Wednesday, August 23, 2006

McCain after Romney

Houston Chronice has printed an article today called, "Why McCain camp frets about Romney in Iowa." The article could have been a one liner: Because McCain's nuts. But instead they made the article several paragraphs long.

The article goes through the Ames straw poll and ties it to Romney's visit to Ames in July (one year before the actual poll) quoting a staffer as saying "wink, wink." Then we here about the great comment of Yepsen, "Of all the 2008 Republican presidential candidates making the rounds in Iowa, none is doing better than Mitt Romney,"

Now an intresting peice of info:

The most interesting tidbit I picked up in calling around Iowa is that the McCain operation, which loves for its guy to be seen as a maverick, appears to be playing a traditional, old-fashioned game in the politically important state: questioning Romney's position on abortion.

Yes, McCain knows he doesn't have much. He has a lot of name recognition but beyond that, he's a paper tiger. He is a marginal speaker with dicey people skills and a keen ability to offend people. Once in visit here to Chicago McCain walked into a 5 million dollar mansion and said,"This is a nice middle class home." Which leaves me wondering why he would want to inhabit such a blue collar track house like the white house.

Yet McCain knows Romney is pro-life and so do those who are on the pro-choice side:

Ted Miller, a spokesman for NARAL Pro Choice America, said his organization considers both McCain and Romney as "anti-choice."

Ufortunately for the United States our dear senator McCain has decided to begin this whisper campaign against who could be the pro-lifes movement most eloquent defender.

Personally I am not worried about McCain, why would I when Romney just gives him old fashion spanking after spanking. Still, McCain will continue to be a thorn in the side of candidate with serious ability.


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