Sunday, September 03, 2006

Clinton may not run?

Times online posts an article saying that Hillary's run for President might not happen. Now I am a fan of Hillary (ok that's a lie) so this is sad to hear.

“I would not be surprised if she were to decide that the best contribution she can make to her country is to forget about being president and become a consensus-maker in the Senate,” said a leading Democratic party insider. “She believes there is no trust between the two political sides and that we can’t function as a democracy without it.”

Yikes! Hillary building a consensus in the Senate is about as scarry as her as president. How come I have a feeling that her consensus building will be building a coalition for higher taxes and for ensuring we get rid of any remaining morality left in our country.

The solution, insiders say, is for Clinton to take over as Senate minority leader in 2009 from the lacklustre Harry Reid, senator for Nevada. One well-respected blog, The Washington Note, recently claimed that Reid privately told Clinton the job was hers if she gave up her presidential ambitions.

Kind of crazy. Reid giving up the spot he clearly loves? I don't know. But maybe he just knows it will be a tough sell for him to stay as the Mormon in charge of Dems in the Senate and have a Mormon as President of the US. Yeah, I am sure that's it.


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