Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Mitt Fits?

Powerline Blog gives high praise to Mitt for refusing to give help to a terrorist while visiting Harvard.

They make a defense against critics who cry political posturing every time Romney sneezes-

Score one for Romney. Some will say, no doubt, that his is merely a symbolic gesture. True, of course, but then Khatami's visit to Harvard is nothing but a symbolic gesture, either. Romney's act will also be denouced as "political." Right again! This is a democracy, and important issues of public policy are supposed to be "politicized": that is, debated by and before the people and resolved by the people's representatives. Carrying out symbolic actions that shine the spotlight on issues that need public debate is one of the important functions of a leader in a democracy."

Isn't politicizing the reason why we have politicians?


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