Friday, September 15, 2006

Romney Announces Emimsions Plan

Mitt Romney announced his Emmisions plans that will take effect October 6. The plan detailed here includes a lot of avenues for buisness to not loose too much green by becoming green. His plan involves allowing companies to purchase credits from other companies for emmisions, even in other countries.

``We're talking aggressive reductions . . . but it protects us from unknown price impacts," said Robert Rio, vice president of government affairs for Associated Industries of Massachusetts, which represents Massachusetts businesses. ``It's a good balance."

California has a plan too, forcing energy companies to become green before taking their buisness.

Which one will work best? I don't know, but I generally think providing incentives for companies to become green is our best option. As long as conservation is not profitable it will never be a reality. To put in a bunch of laws requiring things with no incentives hurts the economy. Yet if we can find ways for buisness to become more profitable as they find enviromental solutions, green minded buisness will become a reality.


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