Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Illinois Governor Ryan sentenced to 78 months

Former Governor George Ryan was handed down a 78 month sentance today for corruption charges. Read all about it at the Capitol Fax Blog. Governor Blagojevich's republican challenger had this to say:

“The sentence handed down today is a reminder that Rod Blagojevich had a golden opportunity to restore trust in government after George Ryan, he promised voters he would do that — and he failed miserably.

It is now Rod Blagojevich facing a record number of corruption investigations, the same designation as Public Official A, the same mountain of subpoenas and legal bills. It’s like voters are forced to watch the sequel to a bad movie.

I’m running for governor to move past the Ryan-Blagojevich corruption scandals and build a brighter future for Illinois.”

Looks like the guy that ordered the death penalty moratorium in IL to save all those "innocent" victims couldn't save himself.

BTW, Blago is worse.


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