Saturday, July 22, 2006


Romney yesterday vetoed the increase in minimum wage. Hooray! knowing that hard ball conservatism won't make it past first base in that old Blue Whale of politics we call massachusetts Romney recommended a smaller increase. In the Boston Globe we read this:

``Such abrupt and disproportionate increases would threaten to eliminate jobs in Massachusetts, especially at the entry level," Romney said in a letter to lawmakers.

Of course sound reasoning bounced of the knuckle head liberals like a cheap toy store bouncy ball:

``It's too bad that all [Romney] can spare is a quarter," said state Senator Marc R. Pacheco, a Taunton Democrat who was chief sponsor of the Senate bill.

Ok, Pacheco, ok. It's only going to cost a quarter? Well I guess Romney didn't do the math.

To get a better read on this cruise on over to the Daily Item of Lynn. First let's explore the title of this article: " Veto of minimum wage bill prompts doubts about Romney's grasp of working classes" I am so gratefull to live a nation with such a quality unbiased news media.

Now the juicy nugget sure to speak to your heart:

"Susan Graciale of Lynn, mother of two, college student and labor activist, says she broke into tears Friday after learning Gov. Mitt Romney had vetoed a bill that would raise the state's minimum wage to $8 per hour...

'This was a slap in the face,' she said. 'I can't even describe the feeling, but I plan to call my representatives and senators and the speaker of the house. This isn't the end of it.'"

Thanks Romney. Not only are you stealing quarters off the backs of the poor you're slapping working moms in the face. Stay away from my kids candy!

All joking aside, this argument underscores the major flaw in liberal thinking and why we need Romney's fiscally conservative leadership. Let's do the math.

Is $8.00 going to get you any farther in Mass. than the current minumum wage of $6.75? No. That equals $50 dollars per week more for a 40 hour a week worker. Roughly $200 or so a month more ($1080 vs. $1280.) This is still not even in the connector-street-to-the-main-street-that-leads-to-the-parking-lot-that-you-ride-the-tram-to-get-inside-the-ballpark of a living wage. According to this article the average cost of a 2 bedroom home in Boston would leave the homeowner needing to make $25.46 an hour. What me worry?

I spent quite a bit of time and energy working with the poor and welfare addicts in chicago for my church. I worked with several welfare workers and spent countless hours trying to teach people the principles of self-sufficiency. The common factor that kept every one from earning more and living better lives: education. It wasn't the fat cigar smokers in Springfield. It wasn't mean rich white guys in Belmont Mass. And it definitly wasn't a lack of quality jobs, there were plenty. Nope it was people who made no effort to go to school and thought others should pick up the tab for there ignorance, and believe me there are plenty.

If someone wants to excel in life a $1.25 increase will not help. But it does score points with a liberal constituency. Like it or not outsourcing is here to stay and the way to beat it is besting the competition, not raising minumum wage and increasing the cost of labor.

So as the title of my article stated, you want to earn more money? Go to college.


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