Thursday, August 03, 2006

I4M Pop Quiz

The Evans-Novak Report had this to say about Romney in their weekly email:

Neutral Republicans believe Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has the organizational head start in the '08 presidential primary, in contrast to his anemic standing in the popular opinion polls. Romney looks particularly good in Iowa.

It's a no brainer to me. OK, now it's time for your first I4M pop-qiuz:

Who has the most organizational leadership?
  1. A senator from Arizona who splits his party and drinks vodka shots with liberal socialist. He was invited to run as VP on the Democratic '04 presidential ticket.
  2. A retired mayor who dresses in drag. A moral liberal who's claim to fame was a national security event that most mayor's would have shined on.
  3. A proven buisness leader who has turned around dozens of profitless buisnesses, a scandel plagued Olympics and a state with huge fiscal and health care problems. Oh, did I mention this guy is clean as a whistle?

If you answered #3, you're correct!

OK, definitly a rigged question, but you get the point. Now go back to work and stop wasting company time on the internet!


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