Sunday, July 30, 2006

Romney in Ames and Cedar Rapids

Yesterday I met Romney. He was impressive. Early in the day I meet up with Jeff Fuller (Iowans for Romney) and rode out to Ames. The luncheon was off to a good start right out of the gate- free Bratwurst and Soda Pop. After all, its summer and I am working on my winter coat!

Anyway, after seeing Romney in action, there is no doubt Mitt will be a challenging contendor. Of course the Pataki people know this- they had their people at the dinner also!

Some highlights:

1) Talking with Romney- He is a busy man, no doubt. Yet to see a future presidential candidate like Romney take time to talk to everyone, stand in line for food and eat with the folks was an impressive sight.

2) His speeches: There are very few who are on a par with Romney in this category. He has the communication abilities of Reagan. At dinner he had the place laughing, crying and cheering. He would no doubt be an effective user of the Bully Pulpit. He would inspire the populace to something better for certain.

3) Question Answering: Well the articles are out. His answer to the question conerning the "Big Dig" posed by Jeff Fuller was outstanding. Romney's ability to successfully tackle the toughest of issues is unmatched. He has led the way on Health Care and the protecting the family. Fortunately, with the Big Dig we can expect more of the same from Romney. Another bright point was his joke about the difference between his health care plan and HillaryCare:

He also highlighted his role in a landmark healthcare plan in Massachusetts that he signed into law in April. He said he could envision being on a panel with New York Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton -- a potential White House rival who led a failed effort for universal health insurance 12 years ago -- and being asked how his plan differed.

``I'll say, `That's easy. Mine got done,' " he said.

...but maybe it wasn't a joke?

4) His supporters: It was great to meet some of the supporters in Iowa. Many of whom were those who have followed Romney for quite a while. They came to see so easily that he really is the "The Whole Package." U.S. Congressman Leach gave a speech prior to Romney mostly concerning the current conflict in Lebanon. At the end he left strong words of praise for Romney, although not an official endorsement. To say the least it was wonderful to hear. No doubt he is one of the first of many to come.

Also at the dinner I had the chance to meet many of the Iowans in Jeffs group- a wonderful group of people. I also was able to contact some illinoisans who drove all the way to see Romney. Hopefully they'll get on board and become a great help out here with Illinoisans For Mitt. I would highly recommend anyone with the chance to take the time and go see our next President when he comes around.


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