Monday, July 31, 2006

Tar Baby update

This Mag felt using the term "tar Baby" To describe Governor Romney's Big Dig situation. Where were all the racial complaints when this was published last week?

Read paragraph #2

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: At first blush he appears to be a winner, as he calmly rolls up those white shirt sleeves and takes control — but not so fast. Mr. Clean may have gotten national credit for purging the Winter Olympics of scandal, but this ceiling panel thing could prove a tar baby for him yet. The national spotlight doesn’t shine that closely on Boston. The world may not see any more than a Mass. governor and a Mass. problem, and there’s a perfectly good chance that the Gov. will be sullied by association rather than credited with a Giuliani moment. Time will tell on this one.

You would think those complaining would have more credence had theyt complained about this article last week. You would think...


Blogger Nathan said...

Great job pointing this out. Keep up the great work.


12:22 PM  
Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

Great pickup on this one Jason.

It was a great weekend. We'll have to talk again soon. Feel free to come over for any Iowa events.


1:11 AM  

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