Monday, July 31, 2006

You sir, are no Mitt Romney.

Well everyones favorite presidential has been is campaigning again. Kerry, knowing that he has not much to offer has decided to start tooting his Health Care horn. But is he any match for Romney. Nope.

To quote this AP article on the Fox News Website,

Kerry faces the reality that the governor of his home state _Republican Mitt Romney, himself a potential 2008 presidential candidate _ has not only talked about but enacted a sweeping health care overhaul designed to bring universal coverage to Massachusetts.

Last week, Michael Leavitt, secretary of the federal Department of Health and Human services, called Romney's program"a model"for the nation.


Blogger murphy said...

That picture is awful. Think of the children, Jason, before posting that again. :)

At first my brain was trying to figure out if that was yet another picture of Rudy Giuliani in drag...

6:49 PM  

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