Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mitt Romney's unique Presidential economic policy- Core Values vs Fear Factor .

Sometimes forgotten in the hubbub of campaigning is the realization that American economic success rests on each individual American contributing to productivity and national job growth. 1 person launches a new business that grows to employ thousands. And those thousands in turn help spawn further new businesses and opportunity.

Unlike life-long politicians Mitt Romney knows this model well with his Bain and Company experience. In contrast, many of Mitt's opponents frequently see a different model. The same new business must have roughly 40% of its revenue removed by government taxes and regulation. And any new customer using the business must have 40% of their income taken by government. Yet both the business and customer must somehow live and grow on the 60% difference. This difference has been shrinking for years, finally reaching today's unprecedented levels.

Economists and politicians endlessly debate the economic and political forces causing this economic trap, but they seem to miss an essential factor not missed by Mitt Romney.... the foundation of the US economy rests on not just on American economic policy, but also on unique core American values.

This becomes clear in America's response to economic challenges. Consider our nation's looming economic challenges: competing with China and India, Baby Boomer debt and retirement, oppressive medical and legal expenses, over regulation and declining infrastructure. In more leftist nations, these would lead to crippling waves of fear stoked by press and politicians hoping to shortcut political debate
and grab easy voters.

Void of economic policy, Mitt's Democratic opponents also look to this cynical vote grabbing model as well. Its really all they have. "You could be out on the street, look to me to save you." "More jobs will destroy the environment, I know the way forward." "More government jobs instead of big business, I'll show you how." Permanent economic stagnation and turmoil is their reliable voter annuity plan.

Sadly peddling economic fear has worked in some areas of our nation. Why has it not swept all of our nation, even in tough recessions and downturns of the past? Because there is something stronger that fear in the United States economy. It is the core values held by a majority of Americans. Call them the 3 F's.

Family values
Faith in the Future - due to widespread traditional American economic
values of hard work, invention, risk taking, and picking yourself up,

These well-known liberal "mocking points" remain essential to American economic policy. Mitt Romney knows this well. Consider any American business success story and you'll find some combination of Family, Freedom, or Faith in the Future at work. They effectively counter the inevitable failures, heartaches, and dead-ends encountered along the way to economic success.

The support of family, whether economic or otherwise has made the difference in many business ventures. The same is true of Freedom. It would take volumes to list those who left repressive lands to build economic success in the US. Or consider individuals forced into education systems that stifle the chance to build one's own dream.

American Faith in the Future is self evident. American economic values enables our nation to maintain the most diversified economy on the globe, delivers constant business growth and opportunity and delivers astonishing feats of technological progress.

Only Mitt Romney's record stands up, in both personal experience and moral values, to these most essential American economic factors: family, freedom, and Faith in the Future.

Between now and 2008, media, business and political leaders will lay blame and debate all the usual economic suspects: regulatory burdens, worker skill, fiscal and economic policy, etc. Honest debate of these points are critical. Yet Mitt Romney takes these debates further with his personal experience, moral principles and proven values.

In contrast, those who peddle economic fear do so to grab votes at our expense. Our government already has enough of these cynics. I salute our era's fear-conquering "Morning in America" theme-bearer, Mitt Romney.

--Jonathan Thatcher


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