Monday, September 18, 2006

Romney News

Two things:

Romney gets kind remarks from US Senetor Richard Shelby in Alaama last night:

“"We know you are going to be in it, we believe you are going to be in [the presidential race] although it is not official yet," said Shelby, Alabama’s senior senator and a Tuscaloosa resident.

“You have a lot to offer," Shelby told Romney, who characterized his own state as the “most liberal in the nation."

“I think it is not the state you represent, it is what you believe in and what you stand for and you have done an outstanding job," Shelby said.

Pro-Life News had this to say about Romney in a recent article:

Romney insists: “I’m firmly pro-life.” “My position has changed,” he acknowledged to The Examiner newspaper. Romney explained that he realized that the unborn child deserves legal protect when he discussed embryonic stem cell research with two Harvard scientists.

Then the article went on to say,

Since the position change, Romney has vetoed a bill to promote embryonic stem cell research, opposed promoting the morning after pill, and called for a state investigation of child custody officials that pressed for the euthanasia death of a girl in state custody. Romney's position change, if authentic, could be important because some of the potential 2008 GOP candidates back abortion, such as Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki.

It's good to see that Romney is honest about his position change and can explain it beyond the accusations of political timing. What's also good to see is articles like this that are open to Romney and willing to accept new converts.


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