Saturday, September 23, 2006

Romney Fills the Allen Vacuum

An article in the Boston Globe makes a case for Romney filing the vacuum left by McCain's liberal stances on Terrorism and Allen's inability to work past his current senatorial campaign.

As Allen has been forced to put his 2008 hopes on hold, analysts and observers say, Romney has rushed to fill the vacuum by appealing to the right on homeland security, immigration, and social issues, particularly in South Carolina, a crucial early primary state home to many conservative voters.

``He's maximized his window of opportunity very well in South Carolina," said Scott Malyerck, executive director of the state Republican Party. ``He's hitting those conservative buttons that folks are concerned about."

On his blog this week, conservative writer Andrew Sullivan called Romney the ``theo-cons' favorite nominee" who has ``clearly positioned himself as McCain's opponent on the issue" of interrogation methods.

The question I have is where's Guiliani? This guy doesn't seem to be doing anything.


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