Friday, October 20, 2006

Ingraham and Buchanan

Yesterday I was listening to Laura Ingraham while she intervewed Pat Buchanan. After asking him a couple questions about his employer MSNBC laying off employees (more people watch the Japanese Language Station) the topic turned to midterm elections. From there the two started talking about Romney. Laura stated that Romney was someone who could lead the party. Buchanan expressed some reservations about Romney but finally agreed that Romney will probably be the Dark Horse candidate.

Buchanan said he wasn't too sure about the Mormon in the South thing but basically said that Guiliani has no chance having done nothing yet, and that he would be killed if he were to try and run. It seemed that while Buchanan has some reservations about Romney he is open and waiting to see.

Two thoughts:

1. As long as people like Ingraham, Medved, O'reilly, Rush, Hewitt, Prager and others continue to speak well of Romney I think the Mormon thing will go away with the base. Most of the base listen to these guys and will be swayed. Actually these voices might be Romney's best bet in the South.

2. Buchanan is going to be embracing Romney soon, because in 2 words: McCain stinks.

After this the conversation turned to Santorum. Both of them agreed that Santorum will likely be the Republican wonder if he gets through this current election in tact. They were hinting at a possible run, when Laura said he would make a great VP. Romney-Santorum?


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