Friday, July 28, 2006

More on Huntsman

Hope this isn't beating a dead horse. An article in the Salt Lake Tribune has Huntsman denying that he wants a future job in a McCain Administration if he is to go all the way and win.

The governor, who served as an ambassador to Singapore and an assistant U.S. trade ambassador, says he already has had a "very satisfying career in Washington." For now, he's content being governor, plans to finish out his first term and "hopefully" will run for a second.

Notice he never says categorically he will not accept one and he leaves running for a second term as a "hope", not a definite go.

He outlines where he agrees with McCain. None of these areas I can imagine Romney being all that different than McCain accept maybe the illegal immigration. But since Romney has spelled nothing out as far as specifics it's hard to imagine how Huntsman could make these conclusions. Based on this article I can only conclude it is due to job opportunities. We really can't expect Huntsman to say, "Yes I like Romney, but I want a cabinet level position something Romney can't really offer to too many mormons."

Well this topic gets old.


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