Friday, July 28, 2006

A Noose for McCain

As the primaries began to heat up after the 06 elections, there will be much discussion of the candidates records. A big one for McCain will be Campaign Finance Reform. This anti-free-speach reform has been a self made noose hanging untightened around McCains neck. And he knows it.

The quesion is, can this noose be lifted so easily?


Blogger Nathan said...

I agree that McCain will have a lot of explaining to do for McCain/Feingold. And what else has the guy done in the Senate? I'm not really sure he has much of a record of accomplishment to run on.
When people see Romney v. McCain in a debate setting, the major shift to Mitt will really begin. Romney has an impressive executive record to run on and our fellow Republicans will realize that he's far and away the best candidate in the GOP field.


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