Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Utah take on Huntsman/McCAin

Steve Urquhart wrote an interesting blog about his feelings of Huntsman's alignment with McCain. I picked this up at Utah Policy which has a good daily take on some of the issues facing the Romney Campaign. Urquhart is the Utah House of Represntatives Majority Whip.


If a sitting Governor were to angle for such a deal, he would be campaigning for election at the same time as the presidential candidate – not with real plans to serve as Governor, but with plans to get elected, turn the reigns over to the Lieutenant, and jump to the presidential administration. In such a scenario, if successful, the voters would not get a real chance to vote on the person who actually would serve as Governor or ever intended to serve as Governor that term. That would be highly abusive to one of the people’s most basic and essential rights – the right to actually elect their governmental leaders.


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I went to Steve Urquats Blog and left my comments about Governor Huntsman as follows. said...
As a state delegate I voted for Governor Huntsman and think he is doing a great job. So I have nothing against The Governor and anyone has the right to endorse anyone they wish and as early as they wish to. I personally however agree with his father when he said in an interview on "YOUR WORLD W/ NEIL CAVUTO" that "I think Mitt has a wonderful chance. . . .Mitt is one of the most outstanding young men. He is articulate. He is bright. He is knowledgeable. . . . . I want to tell you, Mitt is going to be an all-star, when it comes to 2008." In answer to the question, "Do you think he will be the next president?" "I think he has a very good chance at it. I'm working hard for him." Source of these quotes is 0%2C2933%2C184109%2C00.html
I added a space after story/ just to fit on the address
but there is no space there if you copy this to see, take out the space. In case the link doesn't work the source is at FOXNEWS.COM HOME > YOUR WORLD W/ NEIL CAVUTO
Transcript: Jon Huntsman Sr. on the Importance of Giving Back
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