Friday, October 20, 2006

Mehlman, McSweeney, Roskam

I just got back from a great rally with Ken Mehlman- chair of the RNC and two congress hopefuls, Dave McSweeney and Peter Roskam. Also in atte4ndance was IL state party chair Andrew McKenna.

Mehlman did a wonderful job outlining the differences of Dems and Repubs on key issues such as taxes and the war on terrror. He was a very spririted speaker and very knowledgable. Mehlman gave an interesting time line of terrorists attacks on the US putting into perspective Bush's efforts and the need to keep pounding on the terrorists. Afterward I went up and shook his hand and introduced myself to him. I told him I did some online blogging for Romney he gave nice smile and said, "He's a good man." I guess I can't expect to get much more out of the head of the RNC.

Both McSweeney and Peter Roskam were very good speakers. Roskam brought up that the other night he had a debate with his opponent. Afterward the producer told him Al Jazeera was covering the debate! What in the world? That blew me away. It really shows the interest this midterm election has to our enemies in the Arab world. Something tells me Osama is not voting for Roskam or any conservative.

When I was leaving I ran into Roskam in the parking lot and spoke to him for a moment. A very amiable person. He could have been someone you run into at the super market, a very down to earth person.


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