Friday, November 10, 2006

Romney fighting Gay Marriage

Romney is still fighting the fight against gay marriage in Mass. again. With over 170,000 signatures on petittion requesting a ban on gay marriage be put on the next ballot, the state legislature recessed- effectively killing the petition so as to keep the vote from becoming a reality.

This is a real joke. The only reason I can conjure is that proponents of gay marriage knew it might pass. After all, in the last election 7 states based bans on gay marriage.

Romney had this to say:

"Today, by effectively avoiding the constitutionally required vote on same-sex marriage, 109 legislators disgraced their oath of office," Romney said, adding that it was clear the intent was to kill the measure altogether."

The gay activist were full of their usual garbage:

You don't have to live next to us. You don't have to like us," state Senator Jarrett T. Barrios, an openly gay Cambridge Democrat, said in an emotional speech. "We are only asking you today to end the debate so that we can sleep easily knowing . . . that we will at least have the right to enjoy the same rights the rest of you have enjoyed for time immemorial."

What? Some how I missed this one. How is marriage a right, but the right to be able to vote on it is not? Voting is found in the constitiution and in this specific incident in the MA state constitution, but where is marriage found? Gay marriage proponents know that when gay marriage is put to a vote, they don't win. That is why they resort to tactics such as this one, and getting judges to overrule the majority mind of the people.


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