Monday, October 30, 2006

Voter Guides

Well needless to say this blog has slowed down the last couple of months. Sorry about that. I have been pretty busy with work and some family related stuff. But I am now able to write more often and hopefully bring you some high quality content. Hopefully this week Illinoisans for Mitt will move to it's new location. I will inform you when it does.

Here is some info on Voter Guides from the Illinois Legacy Website:

The voter guide from Culture Campaign will both help you identify the candidates who will appear on your district's ballot as well as help you understand the candidates' stand on key family values issues. Furthermore, if the candidate did not respond to the survey, but is an incumbent, information on their voting record on that issue is provided.

The voter guide from the Illinois Family Institute includes a question on whether the candidate supports the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
As the ERA will most likely come back up for a vote in the Illinois Legislative Assembly this spring, this question helps us choose candidates who will support our opposition against the ERA. Please note that the questions (and question numbers) for the national level candidates are different from the questions for the state level candidates.

Click Here. If you find the print difficult to read, try the larger print special break out versions of this voter guide for each congressional district. Click Here.


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