Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Romney today released a statement concerning marriage. He makes an awesome point, in the end it has nothing to do with gays or marriage, but everything to do with democracy and ability of a nation to collectively decide its future.

“Our elected representatives in the Legislature will soon hold a historic vote. It regards the institution of marriage.

But it will not be a vote for or against same sex marriage.

No, it will be a vote for or against democracy.

The people here today have followed the law, followed the process established in the Constitution, and gathered an astounding 170,000 signatures. Their effort means that the people, the citizens, will be free to choose how marriage is defined in Massachusetts.

This is democracy pure and simple.

Of course, democracy can be squashed. Only one fourth of the legislators must vote for democracy, for this question, this choice, to be given to the people. But it is conceivable that some will try to block a vote by the people by blocking a vote of the legislature.

We here are speaking for democracy and the rule of the law. Whether you agree that marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman or not, surely you can agree that the course of democracy, established by the Constitution, must be followed. Is there anything more fundamental to this Commonwealth and this country than the principle that power is reserved to the people, that government is the servant, not the master?

We ask for one thing: the constitutionally prescribed vote of the Legislature. Let the people speak.”

From this we can see what Romney's underlying philosophy concerning the role of goverment and morals. This is why we need a man like Romney to lead this nation.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


And can you blame him? Yesterday Romney vetoed $225 million in pet projects from two Mass. state spending bills.

These items included:

1. Victorian Street lighting in Melrose ($200,000)

2. A gazebo for Braintree ($100,000- thats an expensive gazebo!)

3. Study for the internal combustion engine ($4,000,000- isn't that Ford's job?)

4. Money for the Hyannis Athletic Association ($75,000 well I guess Ted Kennedy is a little portly!)

Of course, the liberal legislature has vowed to overide his veto. Afterall, what good is goverment if we cant have Victorian lighting and a gazebo? Of course Romney said it best:

"I think Victorian street lighting is delightful, and I'm sure Melrose would benefit from it. But I don't understand why the state of Massachusetts should select one city or town for Victorian street lighting and not all the rest."

Whoever said pork was fair?

Well apparently wastfull spending is part of understanding the needs of the state- according to State Representative Bosley. The Glode articled (linked earlier in this blog) had this quote:

``He's been to Kuwait City more than he's been to North Adams," said Representative Daniel E. Bosley , a North Adams Democrat, who was upset that Romney had vetoed $50,000 for the Mohawk Theater in North Adams. ``I just don't think he understands how these kinds of things stimulate the local economy."

I dont think Rep. Bosley understands the role of private dollars play in Theaters. Please show me which Founding Father attributed a govermental role in old delapitated theater rehabbing?

Is that all he could come up with? Romney went to Iraq, so therefore pork spending is ok? Oh well, Mass., you can resume Pork spending when Romney leaves to be POTUS.


Romney's Commonwealth Pac has recently named a new field director in South Carolina, Nick Breeding. Breeding has moved there recently from the DC area, where he was Romney's Dep Pol Director of the RGA. You can read more about Breeding at this National Review article.


Romney will be the featured speaker at Republican dinner for the Arkansas GOP on July 6. He will also be hosting a reception prior to this for Asa Hutchinson, the Republican contender for Arkansas Governor.

Arkansas GOP chairman had this to say about Romney:

Gov. Romney has a distinguished career as an entrepreneur and public servant. He also shares our vision and commitment of growing our party by electing Asa Hutchinson as the next governor of our great state

Who says Romney can't attract southern voters?

Monday, June 26, 2006


ABC Family will replay Romney's CBN interview tonight at 10pm central. The CBN website has a good write about him also, where you can watch the interview now.


Vote for Romney in this straw poll. So far he is up front for republicans.


A good blog post detailing the recent events surrounding Romneys illegal immigration crackdown at redstate.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Romney has decided to request Federal support to have state officers arrest illegals based solely on their immigration status. Stating that "It's one more thing you can do to make this a less attractive place for illegal aliens to come to work," Romney has decided to to go straight for the illegal immigration debate jugular- the rule of law.

A great article on this can be ofund at Newsmax.

Commentary on it can be found at Redstate.

A great comment in the NewsMax article by the Local ACLU:

"This will overwhelm the State Police force, it will hinder real law enforcement, real community law enforcement, and it clearly will lead to racial and ethnic profiling," said Carol Rose, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. "That's not effective law enforcement, or effective immigration policy."

Good point Carl "Red" Rose (my nickname!) It's a very novel idea, police do their job, now they are busy. HMMMM, never thought of that. Well, I guess it would lead to racial profiling since the very essence of immigration is about different races converging on new ones. Do we only enforce laws that involve white people?

What he misses is that his argument against Romneys plan is a huge argument for it. Its obviously a sincere problem if enforcing a law will "overwhelm" state police.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Romney in Idaho

Romney will headline the Idaho GOP today. A short article on it here.

Romney in Iowa

Romney to visit Iowa this weekend. An article here. email Jeff Fuller at for more information. Jeff runs the Iowans for Romney blog site.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well maybe not quite, but our next president Mitt Romney showed the world's richest man how things work. Read the article here.

Apparantly Microsoft, realizing the potential loss when Romney threatened to go elsewhere, decided to donate software programs for all the states high schools and colleges. a package estimated at nearly 30 million dollars.

No doubt Romney's great skills in buisness negotiations had a large impact on this developement. Certainly this will help the kids of MA for quite a long time.

Friday, June 09, 2006

An LDS Candidacy

An article I posted at redstate on LDS virtues and politics.


After a trip out of town, and my internet being down for a couple days (couldn't figure out it was unplugged!) I have a couple new postings.

Newsweek article, on Romney. Mentions the Americans for Mitt movement.

Interview with Romney on Charlie Rose on PBS.

Jeff at Iowans for Romney has a list of 12 things you can do to help Romney out, check it out.

Also, if you have any website writing abilities feel free to contact me at if you want to help create a better webpage.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have been out of town for the last few days and hope to get something new up here in the next day or so. Be sure to check back!

Friday, June 02, 2006


Two articles:

  • Article defending MA Health Care plan as a model for the future. What's great about this is who the author is- a national board member for the Southern Christian Leadership Conferance.

  • A short blurb describing the Buzz about Romney in D.C. It would be nice to know who the insider mentioned is!
  • Thursday, June 01, 2006


    Romney proposed a bill forcing fathers who don't pay for their children, to start paying for their health insurance. Up to 5% of a parent-without-custody's gross wages can be garnished under the new bill. This would go to reimburse the states medical cost. This will only apply to those parents who can afford to do so. This should save the state an addition $6 million a year, and is similar to other laws in Texas, New York and Conneticut. Read the article here.