Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why do I like Romney?

Well, it's a family affair.

I get asked a lot why I like Romney so much. Well, here is one more reason, I am supporting a family tradition (on my wifes side!)

As many know Mitt's dad George ran for President in 1968. My wifes grandparents Fred and Elsie Busselberg were supporters of his. They lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the time, a short drive from Detroit. On January 20 1968 they hosted an open house for the Governor at their home on 2950 N. 46th street.

These are the pics from the event:

In this pic is Fred and Elsie on the left and Romney in the Middle. On the right is Elsie's mother Caroline Tegtmeier. The writing on the photo is a little illegible but we think it says,"To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Busselberg, Thanks for your house quarters. Best wishes always. Your Brother, George Romney."

This Next pic is of Mrs. Romney on the left with Fred on Elsie on the Right standing in front of their home with a campaign sign in the Window. (Maybe Mitt could do a sign that says, "Romney- great for 2008")

This begs the question, what do these little guys below have going for them besides being the cutest kids in Chicagoland?

They are born Romney lovers!

Romney Gets It

Romney understands problems with the current Educational problem. A short article on his testimony today concerning Bush's "No Child Left Behind" act said this:

Governor Romney says spending more money on education doesn't correlate into improved student performance.

Instead, Romney says it's critical to get better teachers in the classroom.

Finally someone willing to recgonize the fact that study after study shows that more money thrown at education does not equal better results.

This article goes on to say:
One of the more controversial proposals Romney supports would force parents of students in the bottom ten percent of performing schools to attend weekend training sessions dealing with homework and after school programs.

This is new to me, and I would need to now more about this before commenting. But I will say that Romney does show that great performance by children in school begins with a positive educational approach in the home.

Mitt Romney on Cavuto today!

Mitt Romney will be on Fox News's Neil Cavuto today at 3pm cst.

Romney and Stem Cells

Romney is taking heat from elite Harvard and Democrats for protecting from abuses in stem cell research. In a heavily slanted article by the Boston Globe Romney is critisized for introducing ethics into scientific research.

In an interview, Paul Cote , the state public health commissioner, acknowledged that the rules were developed in ``active dialogue" with Romney's office and that the Department of Public Health was told to close what Cote described as ``loopholes" that would allow embryos to be developed strictly for research. Romney supports research using embryos left over from in vitro fertilization but opposes the creation of cloned human embryos in order to harvest stem cells.

A fair position one would think, yet Harvard and other institutions want the ability to create life in order to destroy it.

But creating human embryonic stem cells using that technique [cloning embryos with the genes of a person with a particular disease they want to study], also called somatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT, in humans is ``only an idea or an ideal at the moment," said Kevin Eggan, principal investigator at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute . And ``it may or may not ever become a reality."

Nevertheless, he said, ``It would be a shame to rule out any reasonable alternative" to SCNT

"Reasonable" is definitly a subjective term. Romney and other pro-lifers feel it's "reasonable" to avoid creating a human life in a lab with the intentions of destroying it.

It would also be "reasonable" to assume that if stem cell research, such as the one Harvard is defending, was a viable source of new information than private companies would be all over it hoping to get there piece of the pie. But they are not.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Health Care Plan Already Seeing Dividends

The Massachussets Health care plan is already doing it's job. According to a news study the state uninsurted rate has fell 19% or from 460,000 to 372,000. The Boston Globe Reports:

Governor Mitt Romney attributed the improvement to growth in jobs and to the state's aggressive efforts to enroll more poor residents in the state-federal Medicaid program. Most of the gains appeared to have preceded the launching in July of a state law intended to cover most of the state's uninsured by next summer.

That makes sense. Most people who need a law to get them to purchase health coverage will wait until the law takes effect. This does show Romney's effort are already working.

Another surprise was MA rise in employer health care plans:

But some advocates for the uninsured and health policy specialists said they were surprised by the magnitude of the drop shown by the survey, particularly since national data have shown that employers have scaled back coverage for their employees amid soaring premiums. The Massachusetts survey showed the opposite, that 83 percent of insured residents now get coverage through their employer, compared with 79 percent in 2002.

Some other statistics look very promising also:

The new survey found that the number of uninsured children had fallen to 2.5 percent, from 3.2 percent, while the number of uninsured adults under age 65 had dropped to 8.7 percent, from 10.6 percent. The number of uninsured residents dropped in every region in the state, officials said.

The officials credited employers for adding 58,000 new jobs in the past 2 1/2 years, and the state's expansion of Medicaid, some of which was required by the new health insurance law.

About 50,000 poor residents have been enrolled in Medicaid in the past year alone.

These statistics do look very promising. And it is no wonder why it is catching on with medical experts. This article out of US News Wire has senior fellows at the National Policy center seeing the Wisdom in Romney's plan:

"Instead of turning to taxpayers to solve the uninsured problem, we should use the free care money taxpayers are already providing to subsidize the purchase of private insurance," said Devon Herrick, senior fellow with the NCPA. "This is precisely what Mitt Romney is trying to do in Massachusetts."

While estimates vary, free care spending on the full-time uninsured range from $1,049 to a high of $1,548. At this rate, federal, state government and physicians and non-profit hospitals spend as much as $6,000 on charity care per uninsured family of four. In most states, that is enough to purchase a private insurance policy.

In addition, the NCPA noted the uninsured pay higher taxes because they do not receive the tax subsidies of employer- provided health insurance. However, their higher taxes are sent to Washington, DC, while the free care is provided locally.

"We should allocate the higher taxes the uninsured pay to any free care they require due to their inability to pay their medical bills," said Herrick

Would this be a plan Romney would support for the Nation? I don't know. But it is good to see that Romney's plan is taking effect and beggining to change the debate on Health Care from a socialistic Universal Health Care plan to one that focuses on the personal responsibility with a more effective spending approach to tax dollars.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Local Coverage: David McSweeney

This post is from Julie Johnson a staffer on David McSweeny's US congressional campaign. We will be hearing more from Julie in the future.

Illinois is facing a ton of tough elections this year: Judy Baar Topinka VS Rod Blagoveich, Peter Roscam VS Tammy Duckworth, and the race that I will be covering, David McSweeney VS incumbent Democrat, Melissa Bean. David McSweeney is a great candidate who stands for our Republican values and we need to give him all the support we can. Melissa Bean has continually voted with the Democrats when she deceives her voters by letting them believe she is moderate. This has become one of the #1 races in the Nation because of how important this seat is for the Republicans. We need to win this seat back, the outcome of who controls the House may very well determine the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election.

With this being said, here are a couple of events coming up in support of David: Congressman John Shadegg will be doing an event for Dave on Tuesday, August 29th. This will be a free event focusing on torte reform. This will be held from 6:00-7:30pm at the Biltmore Country Club. If you are interested please RSVP to me at 847.691.9278 or feel free to email me at We also have a couple parades coming up and I will be sure to keep you posted. If you can lend us a couple hours of your time, any day, that would be great. David needs your support right now because this will be a very close race. Thank you.

Jeff FUller Sums it Up

Jeff Fuller at Iowans for Romney makes a detailed post of Romney's judicial appointments. It's very interesting and shows the system Romney has had to work with in MA to get things done.

To me Romney's Judicial appointments sound like a very fair and intelligent way to get a tough job done- appointing qualfied judges through a process stacked with liberals.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Romney the Man of the Night in MI

Saul Anuzis is the state chair of the Michigan GOP. He posts a regular daily post on Redstate entitled: "MI Morning Update." In today's post he said this about Romney,

Governor Mitt Romney, who chairs the Republican Governors Association, hosted a “pizza and politics” party for all the attendees. He took the time to talk with many as he thanked all for their work and stressed how important it was to elect Dick DeVos as our next Governor. Governor Romney was clearly the “hit” of Friday night. He worked the convention hall and his tent reception like a classic “candidate”.

While participating in the “round robins” with all our statewide candidates, Romney pitched his role as the Republican Governors Association chair and the importance of electing Dick DeVos our next Governor. Here is where “we Republican Governors” stand on the issues and this is why it’s important that you elect Dick DeVos as your next Governor…and with out saying a word, his “signal” for ’08 was lout and clear

It's great to see the GOP state chair in MI being so positive about Romney, it definitly will bode well.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Romney Donates $750,000 to DeVos

A poster on Redstate who evidently is posting live from the MI meeting where Romney is speaking tonight just posted that Romney pledged $750,000 to DeVos campaign. This was followed by a standing ovation.

Great news for DeVos and it shows that Romney is really pulling out all the stops in MI.

You saw it first here at I4M. Unless of course you read it on Redstate!

Romney and Social Security

Romney wants to tackle the social security issue and Medicaid. Based on his past performance of with the State Health Insurance plan in Mass. he could be the man to do what the nations been waiting for.


Romney talks more on Social Security Reforms today:

Romney said there have been suggestions the Social Security issue be turned over to a panel similar to the one that recommended military base closings.

"That's an approach that's been considered and is probably not a bad idea," Romney said. "That may be where we have to go."

While Romney said "statesmen in both parties" could sit down and resolve the politically potent issues, he conceded that is unlikely.

"If there's a partisan divide, then we may have to move to a (base closing) kind of approach to end up with a solution that makes sure that we honor the expectations of our seniors, but also doesn't put us in the position where we can't honor the promises that are being made to 30- year-olds and 40-year-olds," Romney said.

I think, and correct me if I am wrong, Romney is the first presidential hopeful to begin talking about this hotbutton issue. This is of course to be expected. Romney has personal confidence in his abilities to fix goverment's problems. I would like to hear Guiliani's plan for Social Security or even McCains, I doubt they are very substantive if they even do exist. One thing is for certain- Romney knows buisness and economics like no one else in the field.

Redstate Straw Poll

Cast your vote at the Redstate Straw Poll. Right now Romney is 3rd behind both Gingrich and Guiliani.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mitt Romney's unique Presidential economic policy- Core Values vs Fear Factor .

Sometimes forgotten in the hubbub of campaigning is the realization that American economic success rests on each individual American contributing to productivity and national job growth. 1 person launches a new business that grows to employ thousands. And those thousands in turn help spawn further new businesses and opportunity.

Unlike life-long politicians Mitt Romney knows this model well with his Bain and Company experience. In contrast, many of Mitt's opponents frequently see a different model. The same new business must have roughly 40% of its revenue removed by government taxes and regulation. And any new customer using the business must have 40% of their income taken by government. Yet both the business and customer must somehow live and grow on the 60% difference. This difference has been shrinking for years, finally reaching today's unprecedented levels.

Economists and politicians endlessly debate the economic and political forces causing this economic trap, but they seem to miss an essential factor not missed by Mitt Romney.... the foundation of the US economy rests on not just on American economic policy, but also on unique core American values.

This becomes clear in America's response to economic challenges. Consider our nation's looming economic challenges: competing with China and India, Baby Boomer debt and retirement, oppressive medical and legal expenses, over regulation and declining infrastructure. In more leftist nations, these would lead to crippling waves of fear stoked by press and politicians hoping to shortcut political debate
and grab easy voters.

Void of economic policy, Mitt's Democratic opponents also look to this cynical vote grabbing model as well. Its really all they have. "You could be out on the street, look to me to save you." "More jobs will destroy the environment, I know the way forward." "More government jobs instead of big business, I'll show you how." Permanent economic stagnation and turmoil is their reliable voter annuity plan.

Sadly peddling economic fear has worked in some areas of our nation. Why has it not swept all of our nation, even in tough recessions and downturns of the past? Because there is something stronger that fear in the United States economy. It is the core values held by a majority of Americans. Call them the 3 F's.

Family values
Faith in the Future - due to widespread traditional American economic
values of hard work, invention, risk taking, and picking yourself up,

These well-known liberal "mocking points" remain essential to American economic policy. Mitt Romney knows this well. Consider any American business success story and you'll find some combination of Family, Freedom, or Faith in the Future at work. They effectively counter the inevitable failures, heartaches, and dead-ends encountered along the way to economic success.

The support of family, whether economic or otherwise has made the difference in many business ventures. The same is true of Freedom. It would take volumes to list those who left repressive lands to build economic success in the US. Or consider individuals forced into education systems that stifle the chance to build one's own dream.

American Faith in the Future is self evident. American economic values enables our nation to maintain the most diversified economy on the globe, delivers constant business growth and opportunity and delivers astonishing feats of technological progress.

Only Mitt Romney's record stands up, in both personal experience and moral values, to these most essential American economic factors: family, freedom, and Faith in the Future.

Between now and 2008, media, business and political leaders will lay blame and debate all the usual economic suspects: regulatory burdens, worker skill, fiscal and economic policy, etc. Honest debate of these points are critical. Yet Mitt Romney takes these debates further with his personal experience, moral principles and proven values.

In contrast, those who peddle economic fear do so to grab votes at our expense. Our government already has enough of these cynics. I salute our era's fear-conquering "Morning in America" theme-bearer, Mitt Romney.

--Jonathan Thatcher

Romney Announces MI team

Romney announces his MI leadership, looks really good. It's a long list, full of high level Bush Fundraiser (Rangers) and some influential politicians in the state. Along with this you will notice the large quantity of CEO's. As Hotline on Call said:

The release of these names is a shot across the frontrunner's bow of Sen. John McCain, who has the support of Michigan's two national committee members, among others. It's also a signal to the media, in Michigan and nationally. And to Republican donors. And to uncommitted activists in other states. And to those pesky National Journal insiders who keep ranking McCain ahead of their guy. And even to the White House.

Jeff Fuller wrote about over here at Redstate.

Here is the list of Romney's team, as listed in Hotline on Call:

Speaker Craig DeRoche Co-Chairman; Speaker, Michigan State House of Representatives
John Rakolta, Jr. Co-Chairman; 2004 Bush Ranger, Chairman and CEO – Walbridge Aldinger Corporation
David Fischer Co-Chairman; Chairman and CEO, The Suburban Collection
Scott Romney Michigan State University, Board of Trustees; Attorney
L. Brooks Patterson Oakland County Executive
Congressman Joe Knollenberg U.S. Representative, 9th District
Yousif Ghafari 2004 Bush Ranger, Chairman – GHAFARI, Inc
Bill Danhof 2000 and 2004 Bush Pioneer; Managing Partner, Miller Canfield
J.C. Huizenga 2000 Bush Pioneer
Ed Levy, Jr. 2004 Bush Pioneer; President, Edward C. Levy Company
Bob Liggett 2004 Bush Pioneer; Chairman, Liggett Management
Paul Welday 2000 and 2004 Bush Pioneer, Former Oakland County Chairman
Peter Karmanos Chairman and CEO, Compuware
Robert Taubman Chairman and CEO, Taubman Company
Ronna Romney Former U.S. Senate Candidate
Rep. Daniel Acciavatti State Representative
Rep. Fran Amos State Representative
Rep. Richard Ball State Representative
Rep. Darwin Booher State Representative
Rep. Jack Brandenburg State Representative
Rep. Tom Casperson State Representative
Rep. Bruce Caswell State Representative
Rep. Bill Caul State Representative
Rep. Judy Emmons State Representative
Rep. David Farhat State Representative
Rep. John Garfield State Representative
Rep. Shelley Goodman Taub State Representative
Rep. Geoff Hansen State Representative
Rep. David Hildenbrand State Representative
Rep. Jack Hoogendyk State Representative
Rep. Scott Hummel State Representative
Rep. Joe Hune State Representative
Rep. Rick Jones State Representative
Rep. Jerry Kooiman State Representative
Rep. Phil LaJoy State Representative
Rep. David Law State Representative
Rep. James Marleau State Representative
Rep. Tom Meyer State Representative
Rep. Gary Newell State Representative
Rep. Michael Nofs State Representative
Rep. David Palsrok State Representative
Rep. John Pastor State Representative
Rep. Phil Pavlov State Representative
Rep. Tom Pearce State Representative
Rep. Tonya Schuitmaker State Representative
Rep. Fulton Sheen State Representative
Rep. Rick Shaffer State Representative
Rep. John Stakoe State Representative
Rep. Bill VanRegenmorter State Representative
Rep. Howard Walker State Representative
Rep. Lorence Wenke State Representative
Paul Viar Michigan Republican State Committee Member – 10th District
Bob Hogan Huron County GOP Chairman
Terri Kowal Michigan Republican State Committee Member – 10th District
Nancy Danhof Member, Michigan Board of Education
Dennis Cowan Oakland County Republican Party Chairman
Jim Carabelli Macomb County Republican Party Chairman
Dr. Tim Tarry Eaton County Republican Party Chairman
Jon Williams Jackson County Republican Party Chairman
Anthony Stackpoole Chippewa County Republican Party Chairman
Robert Law Michigan Republican State Committee Member
David Frey West Michigan Business Leader
Dan DeVine 2004 Oakland County Bush/Cheney Campaign Chairman
The Hon. William Runco Michigan Republican State Committee Member -15th District
Ilija Letica CEO, Letica Corporation
Matt Kiriluk President, Kirco
Kevin Prokop Director, Questor
Mickey Shapiro Lautrec, Inc.
Robert Shumake CEO, Inheritance Capital Group
Jerry Roe Former Executive Director, Michigan Republican Party
Robert Anderson Former Michigan Republican State Committee member
Wendy Anderson Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member
Marianne Packer Former Michigan Republican State Committee member
Steve Linder Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member
Lori Wortz Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mormon Question

WorldMagBlog has an post up asking readers if they could vote for a Mormon. This was aksed at the request of Hugh Hewitt who seems to be quite a Romney fan. Go check it out.

McCain after Romney

Houston Chronice has printed an article today called, "Why McCain camp frets about Romney in Iowa." The article could have been a one liner: Because McCain's nuts. But instead they made the article several paragraphs long.

The article goes through the Ames straw poll and ties it to Romney's visit to Ames in July (one year before the actual poll) quoting a staffer as saying "wink, wink." Then we here about the great comment of Yepsen, "Of all the 2008 Republican presidential candidates making the rounds in Iowa, none is doing better than Mitt Romney,"

Now an intresting peice of info:

The most interesting tidbit I picked up in calling around Iowa is that the McCain operation, which loves for its guy to be seen as a maverick, appears to be playing a traditional, old-fashioned game in the politically important state: questioning Romney's position on abortion.

Yes, McCain knows he doesn't have much. He has a lot of name recognition but beyond that, he's a paper tiger. He is a marginal speaker with dicey people skills and a keen ability to offend people. Once in visit here to Chicago McCain walked into a 5 million dollar mansion and said,"This is a nice middle class home." Which leaves me wondering why he would want to inhabit such a blue collar track house like the white house.

Yet McCain knows Romney is pro-life and so do those who are on the pro-choice side:

Ted Miller, a spokesman for NARAL Pro Choice America, said his organization considers both McCain and Romney as "anti-choice."

Ufortunately for the United States our dear senator McCain has decided to begin this whisper campaign against who could be the pro-lifes movement most eloquent defender.

Personally I am not worried about McCain, why would I when Romney just gives him old fashion spanking after spanking. Still, McCain will continue to be a thorn in the side of candidate with serious ability.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Local Illinois Election Coverage

This commentary is brought to us by Don Castella, Chairman of the Vernon Township GOP. It concerns an article in the Daily Herald about a questionable pork expenditure from a candidate up for election, Terry Link. Link's (D-30th district) state senatorial spot is being challenged by Charles Fitzgerald this November. There is a link to the Vernon Township sight in the right sidebar. And if you can-Support Charles!

I found Russell Lissau’s August 18 article, “Cook library gets surprise $500,000 gift”, amusing but troubling. While a politician passing out money to local institutions in an election year is hardly surprising, it is troubling.

The current budget imbalance in Illinois is due primarily to profligate spending by the Blagojevich administration and Democrat-controlled General Assembly. The General Assembly approved this bloated spending on party line votes with majority Democrats voting to increase both spending and Illinois spiraling debt load.

I found it humorous that the article pointed out “The source of the $500,000 hasn’t been determined”. My wild guess is that the money for this 'gift' is coming from taxpayers.

Given the Democrat administration’s penchant for raiding public pension funds, special funds, and highway funds to balance their Enron-style accounting system, one must wonder how many generations of Illinois taxpayers will be paying for this ‘surprise gift’. I suspect the real surprise will come in the form of higher tax bills that further erode Illinois competitive position in the global economy and hamper job growth.

This ‘gift’ may prove to be more of a curse if the tax money helps create more needless duplication of overhead and administrative costs for library services in Libertyville and Vernon Hills. Will this largesse make these two communities even more beholden to future Democrat handouts?

While Sen. Link and Rep. Ryg ponder how many votes this election-year gimmick might buy them, we taxpayers can ponder the certainty of higher tax bills for both ourselves and future generations.

Don Castella
Lincolnshire, IL

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Squeezing Juice from Oranges

Romney hit it big in Orange County, California- making $1 million in Dana Point. Said Adam Probolsky,

"You're not going to overcome the Romney effort in Orange County," Probolsky said. "It's just not going to happen. He owns Orange County."

Having grown up in Mission Viejo next door to Dana Point, I can see why. Actually I used to deliver papers for the O.C. Register in 7th grade, the publisher of the above linked article. It's good to hear not everyone in CA qualifies under the nut's and fruits category. Most of those are Northerners anyway.

Friday, August 18, 2006

In Michigan

Here is a funny post on RedState that mentions the work Romney is doing in Michigan.

This shows again that Romney will have no problems leading the Republican Party when he is elected President. He has shown that he will go to bat to keep the party strong.

posted by me,Corben

Arthur Allen

Arthur Allen is the Chairman of the Massachussets Aeronitc Commission. Allen spoke at a Rotary Club meeting for the greater Georgetown area. In his address he had an important comment concerning what has been done for air safety under Romney:

"Under the leadership of Mitt Romney, we have forged a powerful partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration and airport owners and operators throughout the commonwealth," said Arthur.

This is key. With security of the Nations airways a huge deal right now, this is another arrow in Romney's homeland security quiver. It sounds redundant but I think this highlights more of Romney's ability to build coalitions with important partners.

Romey in Mississippi

Article on it here. To say the least he was a hit.

They had seen the handsome governor from up North on
Fox News and had read about his leadership of the Big Dig in local newspapers.

So when the ladies dressed in red welcomed Governor Mitt Romney to this Gulf Coast town yesterday, they had no interest in the handshakes Romney was offering. They went in for hugs.

Trent Lott gave Romney high praise:

Lott promptly returned the favor, telling reporters at a press conference that Romney is ``definitely in the top tier" of Republican presidential candidates, alongside Senator John McCain of Arizona and former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. Joshing about his looks, Lott called the governor a ``real pretty one," but was serious about his prospects.

``He's got an excellent chance. Everything I have seen about him has always been impressive," Lott said. ``We may actually get to vote for somebody from Massachusetts before it's over."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Commonwealth PAC Site

Commonwealth has a new site setup. It looks good, check it out.

The Cool Crowd

Well now I know why I am attracted to Romney- He is part of the cool crowd.

This peice from Human Events online is interesting to say the least. The author opines on Romney's acceptance in the D.C. G.O.P. cool crowd. He's unconvinced if this is good news though:

Make no mistake about it. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is quickly becoming the GOP "establishment" candidate for president in 2008. And that may not be such a great thing...

...having this officially unofficial group behind you -- the cadre of conservative kingmakers that I like to call the "Too Cool for School Group" -- can also prove a recipe for success.

I guess from reading the article they have backed campaigns that haven't gone anywhere a couple times but most have been winners.

First, a little background on what I mean by the "Republican establishment." In the 1960s, this clique was known as the Rockefeller Republicans. In 1976, they were the big money and political influence behind incumbent President Gerald Ford's successful effort to fend off a challenge by Ronald Reagan. In 1980, this same group split. Some backed John Connelly and others George H.W. Bush. But few if any of them were on the team of the man who would emerge victorious that year and become an icon -- Reagan.

OK, be fair. Who picks a winner every time?

After this the author gives some good insider info on Romney:

Nowadays, I can certainly see why this powerful force in GOP politics is attracted to Mitt Romney. I spent time with the governor recently. I found him to be well-spoken, attractive and versed in many of the issues that public opinion surveys reveal as near and dear to the hearts of voters.

A prime example is his aggressive approach to health care. He advocates an innovative method that would provide both more freedom for and accountability from Americans

It looks good for Romney, the man is an endless mindspring of innovative ideas. The name recognition factor is not anywhere near where it should be, but over the last couple weeks he's become more of a househould name.

One friend of mine didn't know who Romney was when I informed him of my blog. When I told him Mitt was the governor of Massachusetts he said, "Oh him! I heard about him. He is that governor kicking butt with all that Boston Constrution stuff." (One word was ommited from this sentence and replaced!)

I've had several Democrat friends say they are interested in him too. Not because of any specific policy, but because he is man who can fix things in an honest manner, something we don't see much of in Illinois.

So who is this cool crowd? Don't know, I was kicked out of their association in 6th grade after making fun of some of them at lunch. But I can tell you this: this time they've got their thinking caps on.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Romney Delivering

Romney announced tonight at a Fundraiser in Dubuqe that Commonwealth PAC will be donating $500,000 to Jim Nussle's campaign for Iowa's Governor.

This puts Nussle that much farther ahead of his Democratic counterpart Chet Culver:

"According to estimates from Nussle aides, the congressman has raised about four-point-five (m) million dollars for his campaign. Culver aides say the Democrat has raised three-point-two million (m) dollars."

Romney thinks it's worth it according to the article:

Romney calls Nussle's campaign a "top priority" for the G-O-P, and he wanted to make sure Nussle had the financial edge.

This is one more reason why Romney has the leading edge in Iowa.

Romney chooses Illinoisans 4...

the Big Dig Safety Check. Read about it here.

Hatch Touts Romney

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) gave a good endorsement(???) yesterday for Romney while speaking in Tooele, Utah (W of Salt Lake):

Hatch reeled off the names of several potential Republican candidates for president. "Mitt Romney would be the best candidate. He's the best manager, he's been a terrific governor working in a liberal state, he's charismatic, handsome and wealthy, and he made it on his own," Hatch said. "The Mormon issue could hurt him because people don't know a lot about Mormons. They still think Mormons practice polygamy and have other ideas. John F. Kennedy was able to break through though as the first Catholic president."

Speaking of Hillary:

"I think Hillary (Clinton) could be the Democratic candidate if she wants it. I call her 'Hill.' I don't think women will vote for her."

All About Mitt

New Blog AllaboutMitt. Their sight says:"Keeping an eye on Republican Mitt Romney of Massachusetts as he gears up for a 2008 presidential bid."

It seems to be a thoughtfull neutral blog keeping tabs on Mitt.

Romney In Control

Romney swears in new Turnpike head John Cogliano today.

Romney Protects States Rights Again

Romney,the states rights man of choice, has joined 50 other governors in rejecting proposed legislation that would hand authority of the National Gaurd over to the President in cases of National Emergency.

Oregon Going Full Steam

Good News, Oregon is blogging. Steve over there has had a website up for a while. Now he's blogging, go over and wish him well.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We Have a New Blogger!

We have a new blogger- His name is Jonathan Thatcher and he has written a compelling peice.

Our nation is once again in deep water. A global war of extremists openly seeks to divide and wear down our national will. However, it is the domestic extremists that pose . Our nation is functioning with only a single intact political party, the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has become little more than a fund raising and media coordination machine, marching to the tune of the Clintons, George Soros and their allies who no longer value the United States of America. The extremists in their camp openly mock their own citizenship, our nation's miraculous history, and the very Americans who lay down their lives in defense of our own lives. Insensitive to the very shoulders they stand on, and profoundly blind to history, they create a concept of a disloyal American opposition. 230 years of enduring moral values, national accomplishments, respect of life and family, and expectation of freedom and democracy stand in the way of their "inevitable" rule. Inevitable to them because of their policy of fear. Fear that our nation is collapsing too fast --that America's bedrock values that sustained us through civil war, depression and two world wars are no match for their "enlightened" 1960's era non-democratic leadership.

It will be up to the skill, wisdom, and experience of the President to defend and strengthen American values in the face of such challenges. This calls for a Statesman, not a politician. A politician acts in 90% self-interest and in 10% the common individual. A Statesman reverses and exceeds this ratio, particularly during times of war or great challenge, often with astonishing courage and wisdom. A stark example is the comparison of President Clinton to Winston Churchill.

Mitt Romney is indeed a Statesman. His record of past and present accomplishment is truly unmatched, and always favors the individual, whether as shareholder or as citizen. And his courage to engage difficult burdens and work undaunted until victory is legendary. No ordinary politician would have dared touch, let alone righted, the Salt Lake Olympics, itself reeling from the corruption of intense self-interest. Few governors would have acted so swiftly to remove the entrenched Massachusetts tollway fiefdom in favor of the safety and accountability for the citizen. All are sure losers in the face of media and campaign advisers. To a politician, this is all important. To a Statesman this is far less important. A Statesman understand the dynamics of business, politics, and leadership and will openly rely on deep core values to deliver enduring solutions.

However, as a contender Mitt Romney has a Primary and National election to win. And not enough of our nation truly knows him. The liberal media already see him as a threat. However, 21st Century style campaigning will help bypass this issue. The solution is on our very computer screens. Enabling awareness of Mitt Romney is a worthy citizen task as the burden on the next president will be an awesome one. Defense of values in the face of fierce opposition is never easy just as it was for Americans that the very dawn of our nation.

Defense of values in the face of fierce opposition marks the challenge of our new century also. Yet history shows that steady weakness and failures of early 20th century politicians lead to decades of calamity and world war. How different are Europe's and Russia's leaders in our day? As the only remaining superpower, US politics and politicians as usual no longer seem up to the task. Our Presidential vote is indeed a global one.

No doubt the noise of political pseudo-psychology and media-manufactured 'opinions and soundbites' will compete for national attention. However, let it be us to help enable a true Statesman, Mitt Romney, to compete for the Presidency of the United States. As encouragement for our action, some wise Americans left us these time-honored words:

We the people, in order to form
a more perfect union
establish justice
ensure domestic tranquility
provide for the common defense
promote the general welfare
secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity
do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America

-Jonathan Thatcher

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lessons of the Father

A Globe article on Romney and lessons he learned from his father's presidential run in 1967. The article mostly is a critique of what the writer views as Mitt's overcompensation for his father's off the cuff remarks. The article offers some interesting insights into Romney's early life and some lessons he learned along the campaign trail with his father. It's a pretty long article.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Romney Grassroots Growing

Check out the coverage on Romney's grassroots activity at Jeff Fuller's Iowans for Romney.

There should be some exciting announcements about this blog in the next week or so. Check back often!

Romney on CSPAN

Romney will be on C-Span's "Road to the White House" tonight at 6:30pm (I am assuming that is Eastern Time.) Thanks to the Elect Romney Blog for this.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


MASSPIRG, an enviromental lobbying group released a statement in support of Governor Romney's latest enviromental efforts:

We appreciate his careful consideration and treatment of this issue. We hope the legislature will accept his amendments. They are an effective compromise that will continue the Commonwealth’s commitment to supporting the development of new, clean renewable energy—exactly what we need to solve our energy crisis.

And then were Romney really gets the glowing compliment:

This makes the right call by committing to put efficiency first, and that’s a very positive step. It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into this plan, and, for the sake of comparison, this plan is light-years better than what Congress and the Bush administration have put together in recent years.

These people are not 100% sold on Romney though. This statement from the end of the release should be pointed out: energy plan for Massachusetts is complete without support for Cape Wind and joining RGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. We continue to be disappointed by Gov. Romney’s rejection of those two promising opportunities.

All in all, Romney's record on the enviroment will be a powerful tool in the general election, possibly turning what is a Democratic issue into a common issue for both parties. If you really care about the enviroment than I would suppose that would be a victory.

John Kerry: He's really annoying

First in the spirit of full disclosure: I can't stand John Kerry.

Well Romney is taking on Kerry and the Democratic naysayers according to a Boston Globe article titled "Romney, Kerry spar over fight on terror: Governor raps senator for criticizing Iraq war." It's good to see Romney isn't above using Rap.

Anyway, there were some interesting information tidbits in this article.

Asked about Kerry's comments during an appearance on the MSNBC cable network, Romney blasted Kerry. The governor said the senator failed to recognize that the United States is locked in a long-term war against terrorists and that Iraq is a central front.

``I think it shows a complete lack of understanding of the kind of enemy that we're facing," said Romney, a Republican. ``This is not a small group of wackos in the hills that all we have to do is go find one person and it suddenly goes away."

Kerry's response?

In turn, Kerry's communications director, David Wade, questioned the governor's knowledge of issues related to Iraq and terrorism.

``Mitt Romney's command of national security is about as real as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," Wade said.

Why do I have a feeling that Wade took some time to think of that? And C'mon Kerry, you want to loose again? If not you have to bring some ideas to the table, not revert to high school level of personal attacks on the person who takes you to task.

But the saddest part of the article is this:

Their comments were made as members of both parties scrambled for a political edge following Tuesday's arrests in what authorities called a well-planned, sophisticated terrorist scheme to destroy jetliners in midflight from London to the United States.

Republicans cast the arrests as evidence that President Bush's aggressive antiterrorism policies are working. Democrats pointed to gaps in US transportation and border security and missteps in Iraq to argue that the nation is more vulnerable than ever.

The first part is honestly terrible. We really don't need politicking. Although I guess when you put human nature and a 2 party political system in a bag with GWOT and shake this is what you get. But it is unfortunate.

As for the second paragraph, what does the Globe mean when they say GOP'ers are trying to "cast" this? This is spin? Give me a break. To me it's simple. If you stop a major terrorist plot, you're doing your job. The fact that Dems are arguing that this is a result of a failed Iraq policy means that they beleive we would have no more terrorism if we didn't go into Iraq. In other words terrorist can be appeased. Is the Democratic party the party of Appeasement, the party of Chamberlain?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Romney's Actions Well Recieved

Romney's deployment of the National Gaurd has been well recieved by pundits and Dems, The Boston Herald Reported.

“I think the governor’s actions were most appropriate, under the cirumstances,” said U.S. Rep. Martin T. Meehan (D-Lowell). Asked how Romney’s take-charge persona is playing out on the national political scene, Meehan replied: “Anytime an executive makes the right decisions under pressure, voters respond.”

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Newton) agreed, saying: “I think what he’s done is appropriate. We have bad guys trying to kill people and you’ve got to respond.”

Alexander Lamis, a political professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said Romney’s response to the Big Dig collapse and the latest terror plot make him “somebody who certainly has to be taken seriously in the presidential race.”

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I recieved an email chastising me for my last post on Robin Williams. I just wanted to say that my comments were meant to argue that there is a lack of personal responsibity amongst public figures. Williams publicist quote seemed to me to be indicative of this. Obviously we all have personal problems and we all fall short. I was not knocking his alcholism, but rather the comment.

Also the article about leading presidential candidates offended some also. Sorry. I write this blog to keep others up on the current Romney buzz. This article shows a distinction in Romney that seperates him from the rest, his marriage. It is worth discussing. I think it is something to be applauded. I realize being remarried does not preclude one from being a good person, and being married your whole life does not make you so.

If you have any problems with this feel free to write me or comment. I am only in this to help Romney and I am sure I will make a couple mistakes. All blogs by myself are my personal opinion, I am not paid nor promised future pay for doing this.


What You Always Dreamed Of...

After Clinton, most Americans were left with a rotten taste in their mouth for public figures. Actually, most pulic figures actions taste like rotten milk on a hot day. Just today Robin Williams checked into Rehab for Alcholism. I chuckled when his publicist stated Williams "Found himself drinking again." Found Himself? Was it a surprise? Did someone get inside his body and start drinking for him?

Our nations political leaders have an even higher obligation than an actor who dresses up like an alien and sleeps in a huge egg. For instance, it's common knowledge that sexual activity rose among teenagers after Bill and Monica were exposed. Our nation took a bigger shot to its ego after Watergate. When our elected officials can't live with integrity, we take it to heart.

This Blog makes a compelling case for Romney's stellar leadership being part of a greater picture: his character. They use his own marriage to make this point. Why should they not? That is a good mans first responsibilty.

As Stephan Covey would teach, at the heart of every decision is your moral center. If it is week, so will be your desicions. If you moral center allows you to cheat on your spouse, it will undoubtedly lead to cheating in other areas. Your morals are the marrow of your decisoins skeletal system.

The ending of the previously mentioned Blog sums it up for Romney:

We are being frank when we say we respect Mitt Romney. Why? He comes from a distinguished political family. His roots are in politics and he has the present advantage of being the Governor of Massachusetts in a race where, historically, more Governors than Senators have ascended to the Presidency.

Mr. Romney is pro family, pro life, and pro traditional marriage. He has been married to the same fine woman for over 30 years, throughout which no scandal has ever been connected to his name or position. Mr. Romney does not deliver double-talk. This is a man who looks you straight in the eye, speaks without hesitation, and delivers his own honest responses. He speaks from his heart with a confidence that comes from years of experience and knowledge of his subject.

What has allowed Romney to be so successful has little to do with ability. His intellect and skills have been indespesible in all his achievments, yet at the heart of Romney's success is his moral alliance to honesty and integrity. Hence when we support Romney, we are not onoly supporting an innovative thinker and consensus builder, but also some who will be a powerful moral compass, someone we can put our trust in.

Romney on TV

Romney will be on Hardball at 6pm and Hannity and Colmes at 8:30pm. Tomorow he will be on Fox News at 7:45am. These are central times.

Top 10 Candidates

Got this blog/article off of Article 6. Romney is the top of the list. Interting take.

It also names Harry Reid as a potential contendor. Now that would be interesting!

Romney Activates National Gaurd

No link for this yet, but FoxNews just announced after an interview with Romney concerning todays uncovered terrorists plot in the UK, that Gov. Romney will deploy the National Gaurd to Boston's Logan Airport.

This will be the first time since 9-11.

***Update- Here is a link for the Boston Globe on the troop deployment

Globe Defends Against Romney Attacks

The Boston Globe makes a defense for Romney against attack adds by Democatice candidate for MA governor, Thomas F. Reilly. One interesting point is clarification of the Romney's record on Education:

Massachusetts does rank in the bottom 10 nationwide in per capita spending on higher education, according to a recent report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers. But on a per-student basis, the state ranks among the country's top spenders. Why the discrepancy? Only about half of Massachusetts students attend public universities, compared with about 80 percent on average nationwide.

Interesting twist of statistics.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nothing New to Romney Supporters ran an article today on the vulnerability of John McCain. I mean look at this guy, would you vote for him? Obviously looks have nothing to do with it. But McCain has some major hurdles in front of him.

A USA Today/Gallup poll in late June found that overall, 56 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the Arizona senator, while 25 percent have an unfavorable opinion and 19 percent have no opinion.

However, only a slightly higher percentage of Republicans, 59 percent, rate him favorably. By comparison, while President Bush has only a 40 percent favorable rating overall, 86 percent of Republicans rate him favorably, and 75 percent of Democrats rate Hillary Clinton favorably.

Why isn't McCain the darling of the Republican party? Read a little further.

Among the reasons respondents cited for disliking the likely presidential candidate, according to Gallup, are "Wishy-washy/Needs to take a stance,” "Don’t agree with his views/positions,” "Doesn’t have true Republican views or values,” and "Too liberal.”

That's the kind of polling McCain doesn't want to see.

No Problem

This is what Romney is up against. Do the Dems really stand a chance with this as their voice of reason?

If Moore and Dean are the best of Liberal/Democratic thinking, than no doubt we can look forward to a landslide MR08.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Can They Just Give it a Rest?

Now that "Tar Baby-gate" has blown away into the backhills of the Berkshires, The Boston Globe has begun to paint Romney as a rascist.

Hosting a cocktail reception in South Carolina for local Republicans over the weekend, Romney joked about the attitude of some in the South toward the Civil War, referring to the region's views that the conflict was one of ``Northern aggression" against the South.

The article here by the Globe never actually quotes the joke, only paraphrases it. This should be a major tipoff to the reader. The globe was very quick to fully quote the Tar-Baby comment, why not this? Maybe because they are reaching for straws.?

The Globe then tries to link Tar-baby gate, with other comments by Romney:

Romney talked of baseball player Johnny Damon's leaving the Red Sox to join the Yankees. Romney told them that he and the audience have common ground: They both hate Yankees.

Heavens No!! He used the word Yankee!!

Going on:

``It was just a passing reference," Fehrnstrom said. ``Everywhere the governor speaks, he tells a joke."

Romney's remarks were made a week after he apologized for using the expression ``tar baby" when referring to the political risks involved in his taking charge of the Big Dig project.

The phrase is considered a racial epithet by some, although the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the expression as ``something from which it is nearly impossible to extricate oneself."

Wow! What in the world are they implying? Somehow a Yankee joke proves a pattern of rascism?

To my eyes the read-between-the-lines implications of this article are obvious and sickening. Despite the fact this double standard has been covered in other places, liberals spray this rascist name-calling like airfreshner in truckstop bathroom. If we rewind back to the 1994 campaign against Kennedy, we see playing the rascist accusations against Romney become a historical precedent. This was covered in the Weekly Standard:

ROMNEY KNOWS FIRSTHAND how his religion can be exploited in negative campaigning. When he ran against Ted Kennedy in 1994, then-congressman Joe Kennedy, the senator's nephew, said Romney was "a member of the white boys' club,"

Is this a conspiracy? I am not saying that. Is it laying a foundation for the Dems to work against Romney? Perhaps. The opposition knows the power of subtilty and making impressions. They know a small comment here and a small comment there can snowball into something big.

Monday, August 07, 2006

New Poll

Illinoisans for Mitt will conduct weekly straw polls concerning various topics. It is located in the right hand sidebar.

I Told You He's Dangerous

To articles on Democrat's fearing Romney.

Here and Here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Romney is Dangerous

check all the links on this post!

It's an interesteing article and will surely make you excited.

As a student of 17th century counterpoint, I can tell you authoritatively- this is music to my ears:

“When I talk to each of the presidential candidates, every one of them brings up Romney — unsolicited — because they’re all focused on him as the smartest, toughest guy in the race,” Norquist told reporters Wednesday at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “He is very well thought of.”

Pow!!!!!! Kapoww!!!!!Johnny-You better duck! Dont worry, the vodka will wear off.

Its All the Rage! Everyones Doing It!

Well I took this test like a few others. I always new I was hard core capitilist. To paraphrase someone elses line, Capitalisms terrible- until you consider the other option.

You are a

Social Moderate
(50% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(86% permissive)

You are best described as a:


This is what the page had to say about me, I guess my ego grew a little on this:

"You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness"

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

I4M Pop Quiz

The Evans-Novak Report had this to say about Romney in their weekly email:

Neutral Republicans believe Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has the organizational head start in the '08 presidential primary, in contrast to his anemic standing in the popular opinion polls. Romney looks particularly good in Iowa.

It's a no brainer to me. OK, now it's time for your first I4M pop-qiuz:

Who has the most organizational leadership?
  1. A senator from Arizona who splits his party and drinks vodka shots with liberal socialist. He was invited to run as VP on the Democratic '04 presidential ticket.
  2. A retired mayor who dresses in drag. A moral liberal who's claim to fame was a national security event that most mayor's would have shined on.
  3. A proven buisness leader who has turned around dozens of profitless buisnesses, a scandel plagued Olympics and a state with huge fiscal and health care problems. Oh, did I mention this guy is clean as a whistle?

If you answered #3, you're correct!

OK, definitly a rigged question, but you get the point. Now go back to work and stop wasting company time on the internet!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Romney in Memphis

There is a buzz in Memphis over Romney's upcoming visit. Nancy French over at Evangelicals for Mitt has some great coverage. If you're in the South, get over there it will be awesome!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another Great Yepsen Review

Yepsen offers another great review of Romney. A couple quotes concerning last Saturdays showing in Iowa:

He has made more than a half-dozen trips to the state and lined up some of the best political talent in the Iowa GOP to work for him. While some experts say Romney's Mormon faith will hurt him with some voters, it seemed to be helping him here Saturday. Romney organizers said several church members showed up and are deciding on their own to volunteer. "We don't have to work it," said a key operative. "It works itself."


Romney wins good reviews for his can-do style and upbeat message. Charisse Schwarm, a longtime GOP activist from Lake Mills, sought me out to note how he reminded her of Ronald Reagan and the effect he had on crowds.

That Reagan standard is a tough one for any Republican to meet. If Romney's meeting it with people like Schwarm, he's well on his way toward winning the 2008 Iowa Republican caucuses.

Once again Yepsen applies his amazing political understanding...

Jerry Falwell

I have a feeling Mitt Romney likes this. I guess those who won't vote for Romney based on religion are running out of excuses. Said Falwell:

...I have no problem voting for a person who is not of my faith as long as he or she stands with me on the moral and social issues. (Massachusetts governor) Mitt Romney may be a candidate for president. He's a Mormon. If he's pro-life, pro-family, I don't think he'll have any problem getting the support of evangelical Christians.

I am sure those early 37% polls will be much different in just a couple months.


This was sent to me by Keith Steurer, a Iowan for Romney. I met Keith while in Iowa, a very nice guy. Keith guest-blogs on Iowans for Romney and emailed me a copy of this. With his permission I have gone ahead and posted this.


I am a structural engineer, licensed in 2 states, with 6 years design experience. The recent BIG DIG failures have been of great interest to me and to my co-workers. There is an unwritten rule in engineering, that when things go wrong, you read up on them as much as possible to make sure that it never happens again. There have been several historic engineering failures throughout history. Usually, the only thing that makes them historic the loss of life (IE Hyatt Regency catwalk failure), or the freak factor (Tacoma Narrows Bridge failure). The BIG DIG has both of these factors because there has unfortunately been a life ;lost due to the failure, and this project is freakishly expensive, large, and encompassing.

I have read up much about the BIG DIG tunnel ceiling failure, and how it happened. Basically, there were concrete panels, hung above the traffic with epoxy anchors. We use epoxy anchors all the time in construction because they are versatile, easy to install, and take very little training or expertise to install. HOWEVER, great caution should be used when installing them in a ceiling. This is known throughout the engineering world. They only perform correctly if installed correctly. As a designer, I actually have a rule that I never use epoxy anchors in a ceiling. WHY? Because the epoxy doesn't tend to fill the hole completely, and while the epoxy is setting it can run out of the hole. Manufacturers of the epoxy anchors have plenty of testing to show that they are safe for use in ceilings, but sky diving is also technically safe, and I still do not take that risk either. Also the panel fastening system was not redundant. Meaning, if one fastener fails, the remaining will not have the capacity to support the system, and they will all fail, one at a time. They reported that many of the anchors were not tightened adequately either. This is a simple installation problem. Unfortunately, these anchors are most often installed by the least trained, least responsible laborers on a job site, and are rarely tested in place to verify correct installation. I deal with this on my own projects.
I read a great article in the Engineering News Record. See link :
This is written for engineers, by engineers. I feel it is very honest in exposing the back and forth of who was taking charge of the project and inspections, and what needs to be done. Governor Romney is quoted as having questioned all 1,150 epoxy anchors in that particular tunnel, which is exactly what any trained inspector would do. Unfortunately, it appears as if the previous inspectors (if any), and others involved in this massive project have too much money at stake, too much bribing, and corner cutting going on to take reasonable charge of their own work. No one likes to be the guy that shuts down a construction site to have things tested, but someone has to do it for this level of risk. I am impressed with Romney's resolve to ensure every part of the project is safe, not just the immediate areas of concern. He has taken on much larger challenges that this, so I am sure he will not fail the people of Massachusetts. I look forward to seeing what type of system they come up with to replace the anchors, and hopefully this will never happen again. Are you listening, fellow engineers???

Keith Steurer, PE, LEED AP

Thanks Keith! Very informative